Monday, October 22, 2012


This is the dress that did it...brought arms out in the open. Deeply, drastically. It took a cut of this force to penetrate the lazy women's - "I'll excercise tomorrow."
Courreges was tomorrow - begun today

This was the most beautiful shoulder line ever ... a beautifully carved armhole, slightly cutting away the front of the bodice. The simplicity of a short funnel neckline and a simple shift- shape cut to just above the knee worn over a flat white go-go boot.

It is emblematic of all that was good about sixties fashion.

Courreges was on first.

The perfection of Courreges...the precision...exact proportions,
revolutionary cut, deep - exact shaping with welt seaming.
Flawless beauty in a garment.

The Shuttered Belle...rounded head, tennis ball sunglasses, undershirt shirt, skivvy shirt, large armholes, little white kid hand,  slit-toe shoes... the sixties "Total Look."

Best New Dress...white wool, square neck, low waistline, hip-belted. White with everything - gloves, boots, hat.

Halston was on top: with his hats -  exclusive designs for Bergdorf Goodman as well as editorial designs for the ever-changing needs and whims of fashion editors, Diana Vreeland and Polly Mellen. He was the go-to man for the added touch that completed most of the fashions presented on editorial pages of the sixties. His up-to-the-minute designs lent his imprimatur to every important look that developed up to the time that hair took over as the crowning touch to an outfit. 

Which it would soon do.

Paris: The Look of Courreges
Vogue March 1965
Photography: William Klein

eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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