Friday, June 28, 2013


Golden Swimsuit
Nina Ricci

New Wave of Swimsuits
Harper's Bazaar July, 1961
Photography: Richard Avedon

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Standout: The Black Glove-Leather Ruff 
Colony Accessories
Renaissance Cap by Emme 

Great Chic: 
Coral-Colored Kidskin Jacket Trimmed in Curly South American Lamb
Bonnie Cashin for Sills
Hand-Knit Wool 12-Button Length Gloves by American Astral
White-Streaked Beige Handbag by Lesco Lona

Fall Fashion Fizz: Champagne Clothes For Sparkling Days

Black Cashmere Belted Over Wrap-Around Skirt by Pendleton

New Tops And Widening Skirts

Turtleneck Frames A Narrow Ruffle-Edged Plaid Jacket.
 Suit -  Tudor Square

Wool Ruffles: Up and Away
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

Nasturtium Red Fleece by Frank Gallant - Curved Coat in Deeper Nasturtium by Tiffeau and Busch

The Carved Coat
Three Shapes, Three Shades

Loop Fringe Hemline 
 Nipped-Off Jacket by Buddy Bates
 Loop-Fringe Welted Plastron Fronted Suit by David Crystal

The Fringe On Suits
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

Slink: The Vest
Slither of Black Mock Alligator by Samuel Robert

The Look of Leather: Bright Gleam In Fashion's Eye

Art Nouveau Necklace of Petaled Flowers Fashioned of Jet Beads
Atelier Nina

Fashion Fizz, Night and Day
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi

Black and Gold Sequin Loose-Slung Jacket, Black Faille Overblouse, Short Skirt  By Guy D.

Young Perfectionist: The Midas Touch
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi

Nasturtium Cashmere by Downen
Four-gore Suede Skirt by Leathermode

Robert Sloan
Miriam Haskell Earrings
Capezio Shoes
Fresh Young Color Fizz
Photography: Gleb Derujinsky

George Kaplan on Carmen Dell'Orefice

Smoky Shades of Persian Lamb
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

The Flounce in Leaf Green by Abe Schrader

The Flounce,
The Fringe,
The Flare
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

Greatest Look Around
Cobblestone Knit Cardigan by Lee Herman
Ramos Green Suede Pants
Gaucho Hat - Mr. John
British Brevitts Boots

Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

Harper's Bazaar August 1961
Fall Fashion Fizz
Photography: Melvin Sokolsky
             Gleb Derujinsky
             Hiro Wakabayashi

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Monday, June 24, 2013


something new to tame the biting cold
wool and alpaca blend by John Alexander
...the snakes are in yellow and black

Harlan Krakovitz

Harlan Krakovitz

Marbury Brown

Gentlemen's Quarterly always inspires. Above, filled with movement, expression, and a defining cool, the wonderful illustrations of Harlan Krakovitz and Marbury Brown jump off the page like fine works of art. A sure thing for writer's block 

To Shod a Sheik

Paris - February 1975  "When the oil-rich Sheik of Qatar, in the Persian Gulf, installed himself in the Hotel George V in Paris, he brought along his wives - 10 of them.

The ladies it seems, wanted to buy shoes - good shoes costing around $125 a pair. But they couldn't try them on because they are not allowed to show their feet to strangers. So each wife sent her personal servant to the French capital's finest shoe shop.

First the good news: Each servant bought 34 pairs for each wife. Total cost around $42,000. Now for the bad news: None fitted properly. Back to the good news: the Sheik paid up cheerfully, the wives threw the shoes out, and the chambermaids in the George V are currently the best shod in Paris."

Sarasota Journal - February 12, 1975
Ladies First by Trixie Belmont

Would this group of photographs featuring burka-clad women promoting men's western fashions ever make it past an editor's desk today? 

Gentlemen's Quarterly October 1963
Tangier! backdrop to fall sportswear
Photography: Chadwick Hall

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Monday, June 10, 2013


Suzy Parker
bowled over by Revlon's "Orange Flip"
Orange crystal earrings by Joseph Bobley
Richard Avedon

'58 - '68 Wonders To Come
Spotlight on 1958 ...
Searchlight on 1968

Out In The Open Now: The Bare Pump

The new coat curves the body in front but blows loose and straight in the back - the colour, red lilac by Ben Zuckerman

The Haberdasher Look of Shepherd's Checks

... cut on the bias like a men's tie - the back-blown jacket buttons twice above a slender skirt by Monte Sano and Pruzan.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

The Haberdasher Look Of Checks

Windowpane Checks - Relaxed Lines 
The new longer jacket with a rolled collar and low, banded belt by Traina-Norell


Tie Silk Shepherd Checks worked diagonally in a two-piece overblouse dress cut with fitting but deceptive simplicity by Trigere

New Spring Enlightenment

Amber brown mesh double-buttoned in leather, cinched with a belt only at the center front by Oleg Cassini

The Suit At Ease

The Chanel Suit by Davidow

Red Rose Wool - the jacket wafted back from a gently rolled collar and balanced on a slender stalk of skirt by Monte Sano and Pruzan

The Day Shift

Andy Warhol

Fantasia '58
Floating-on-air dress in coppery-dotted black point d'esprit, billowed from the bosom into a great blown skirt that's caught above the knee with a satin bow, then released into a deep flounce. Galanos

Face With A Future

The Dauphin of the kingdom of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, a young Algerian, steps into the limelight of fashion as the master's successor - perhaps the greatest challenge in the haute couture.

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