Friday, January 30, 2015


The Seduction Scene
Show,The Magazine of the Arts December 1964
Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach
Anne's Gayak fur dress by Georges Kaplan
Diamonds by Tiffany
Romanoff Beluga Caviar
Champagne in Baccarat Glasses

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The Cat's whiskers - a whole ocelot pelt on the back of a brown nutria coat that is belted and fringed in brown leather. An oatmeal knit tunic underneath stops just short of flaring muskateer boots by Roger Vivier for Saint Laurent. 

Leg-of-mutton sleeved throatbanded long velvet dinner dress narrow to the wrist and to the floor.

Saint Laurent's long look at fur and fringed leather, covered black velvet, Persian-rug coats ... worn by Mme. Francois Catroux

Mid-calf coats, Persian-rug prints: 

Dark green and yellow arabesques on a beige double-breasted coat with skirt gathered low at the waist over a brown jersey jumpsuit.

Vivid blues, greens, reds, and pink on a long coat wrapped and sashed like a man's bathrobe over a navy blue jersey tunic and pants.

Left: lean greige tweed with thick welted seams in Helita wool. Saint Laurent scarf tucked into the neckline.
Right: dark brown wool jersey mid-calf over a cinnamon-banded navy thigh-length tunic over lean stovepipe pants.

Loden caped coat in white-flecked misty green wool. The Capelet just past the elbow, the skirt to mid-calf. Black jersey pants. Leather gloves by Kislav.

Paris: Saint Laurent's Long Look
Vogue Fall 1969
Photography: Irving Penn

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Edward Henry Molyneux

"An Englishman who succeeded in bridging the Channel with a career among the greatest of French couturiers."

Mainbocher's Coated Cottons

Jean Patchett in the dress and its coat of navy and white checked gingham. Jewels by Schlumberger for Tiffany. Dawnelle gloves.

Dovima wears white cotton with a blue fish-net printing.  Sleeveless dress with a straight-hung jacket topped with a long unsleeved coat.Dawnelle gloves.

Mainbocher: Tweed with Gingham, Lace over Taffeta

Mauve tweed, mauve-checked gingham in a slackly fitted tweed suit with a peeled back collar to show the gingham blouse underneath, wrapped at the shoulders with a Matching gingham scarf.

Mainbocher's favourite scarf wrapping up his slender two-part evening dress and jacket in pale violet taffeta filmed over with lace.

Chiffon - A New Light After Dark
Nettie Rosenstein chiffon printed in leaf shadows flowing past closely ribboned waist.

More Light After Dark - The Green and the Gold

Anne St. Marie wears a short-skirted, barely sleeved dinner dress with V'd back in green and white cotton by Anthony Blotta.

The Sheath by Talmack in apricot shantung Paisley'd in pink and gilt cut touching only at shoulder and hip.

The Pajama Dress

Thickly patterned white lace by Talmack.

The Fichu Dress

Red-Dotted cotton with a fichu-cape buttoned into sleevelets in back, bow-tied in front. By Fabiana, adapted by Hannah Troy.

Cool Fashion: The Lightweights

Cotton chiffon in black with coppery coin-dot stripes by Oleg Cassini. Mr. John Hat.

Minty-green leaf print gathered under a moss green velvet ribbon. The bodice, widely decollete. The skirt flung out over a layering of petticoats. By Jobers. Adolfo of Emme hat. Crescendoe gloves.

Owen-Morgan emerald linen with a deep triangle back and gracefully moving skirt. 

Far Right: The long sleeved green polished cotton shirtwaist by Elfreda

Cool Fashion:
Dressing for the American Summer
Harper's Bazaar June 1956
Richard Avedon
Lillian Bassman
Tom Palumbo

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Sunday, January 25, 2015


A Nation Unto Itself ...

Tomorrow's man near right, shows the way in a tweedy salt-and-pepper suit teamed with a matching overcoat by Daniel Hechter. His partner in elegance wears camel-colored cashmere over a chocolate turtleneck with plaid pants in coordinated tones of camel and chocolate - all by Ralph Lauren.

Still on a coat theme; the return of the wrap: "McMichaels" by P.J. Michaels, slacks by Pierre Cardin. Giovannelli turtleneck. Right: shirt-styled blanket-plaid wool coat by Crown Climatic, DeNoyer turtleneck, slacks by McMurray.

Top coat with matching trousers by Kenneth Mark of Paris. Cashmere turtleneck by Dimitri of Italy. Kidskin gloves lined in silk by Mark Cross. The High-style of low-key plaid is reflected in the windowpane check wool overcoat by Dimitri of Italy. Soft wool slacks by Raphael.

Suit-up casual next to the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles. Plaid sport jacket trimmed with suede by Rubin Bros. International Fashion is teamed with olive gabardine slacks "Trousers by Barry." Olive turtleneck by Jockey.
Navy basket-weave sport jacket with camel-and-red overplaid worn with navy worsted slacks and a white shirt with a geometric motif in gray and burgundy and bright red tie with dots - all by Oscar de la Renta.

A closer look at plaids: brushed cotton suit with leather buttons by New Traditionals. Pierre Cardin shirt, bow tie by Handcraft. The brushed-leather side-zip boot with medium heel and moccasin-style piping is by Al Di La.

Right: the British way with plaided tweed by Authentic Imports. Shirt by Eagle. Tie by Principe. The shoes, smooth-leather slip-ons with interwoven cross-strap by French Shriner.

Watching the sun set on Malibu Beach. Basque-patterned cardigan with a shawl collar that converts to a turtleneck, by Pendleton. Career Club Shirt. Jeans by Live Ins.

In a Palm Springs date grove, a fruit salad-inspired shirt by Madman Shirts. Jeans by New Man for Jackie Rogers. Suede belt by Robert Salomone for Crystal Belts.

Art deco shirt by Geno. Slacks by Cloisters Diffusion. Handtooled Heart of the Country belt.

Caftan by Sartor Resartus. Bracelet by Michael Sklar for Childstar.
Top Left: shorty top by Sweet Cream division of UFO. Pinwhale- corduroy slacks by A. Smile. Top right: unconstructed sailcloth sport suit by Sniggen Piggen. Shirt by Valor. Suede belt by Paris Accessories

At the L.A. Airport, a hacking-pocketed blazer with single pleated slacks, knit shirt, and slub-weave sweater, all by Larry Kane for Raffles Wear. The double-knit sport coat to the right worn with complementing slacks are by Ratner. The sleeveless cardigan is by Columbia Knit. Shirt by Enro.

Is It True What They Say About California?
Gentlemen's Quarterly November 1972
Bob Stone
Jerry Salvati
Robert A. Tindal

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Friday, January 23, 2015


Carmen Miles (Dell'Orefice)
Chen-Yu Campaign 1955

Carita Hair 
October 1970

Campaign for a transparent bra 1965

Carita Hair 1969

Portrait of Brigitte and William  1971

Portrait 1965

Carita 1969

Carita Hair and Beauty 1970

Man's shirt promotion 1965

Monica, studio test 1970

Study on a wig created by the photograph in 1970

40 Ans 
Avec Harry Meerson
Photo September 1971

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Sue Murray in Castillo's metallic jibba. Hair by Carita, hair 
ornaments by Sant'Angelo.

"The female woman is one of the greatest institooshuns of which this land can boste."
Artemus Ward

Marisa Berenson in Tina Leser's jewel-sparkled golden silk gauze caftan. Hair: Alexander of Paris. Rings: Gripoix. Photographs: Henry Clarke

Day-glo pink caftan with jeweled bands across the bosom and down the front. From Valentino for Movie Star. Pearl ring from Gripoix.

Vogue Pattern 7030: in velveteen with ostrich feathers

Vogue Pattern 7031: in pale velveteen with white ostrich feathers. Vendome earrings used as rings. Ara Gallant coiffures. Photography: Alex Waldeck.

Dorian Macksoud quilted georgette tricot dressing gown embroidered with gold.

Poncho pointed-hem night dressing with lace trim by Van Raalte. Marvella ankle bracelets.

Black chiffon nightshirt with ruffled-cuffed sleeves by Fernando Sanchez for Warner's photographed at the light-filled apartment of architect, Paul Rudolph. Photography: Alex Waldeck.

Twiggy photographed by Bert Stern in Sant'Angelo's bangle-harnessed mini-dress armed with his bright plastic bangles and an Omega watch. Three rows of Saint Laurent for Colony gilt links at the waist. A Rolex watch tacks down mink tails by Hausfeld.

White band through an a-line of navy mini-dress by Kasper for Joan Leslie on Penelope Tree. Photography: Gianni Penati.

Penelope Tree in bared-ringed midriff mini of white pique. Jean Campbell for Sportwhirl. Lower left: beaded neckline on a caftan of pink cotton jacquard by Perfect Negligee.

Chopped white cotton jumpsuit by Malcolm Starr. Earrings: Cassandra Hughes. Jeweled rope by K.J.L.

Under the shade of a Mr. John white-straw cartwheel hat, Penelope Tree wears orange blossoms on a printed cotton shirt with matching bloomers by Jax.

Bloomer girl in white swiss cotton by Jax.

The end-all panty stocking by Round-The-Clock. Legs hook onto the panty.

Givenchy's Wings-of-Brilliance coats flown over chopped jumpsuits

Lame over lame

Coupe de velours over crepe
Photography: Irving Penn

ravishing people

"The Ravishing Man," hairdresser and boutique owner, Paul McGregor in his jeans and t-shirt hand-painted by artist Saint Amant.

bottom left: Richard Burton's ex-wife Sybil with new man Jordan Christopher at their nightclub "Arthur."
bottom right: The Armandp Orsini's in Orsini's.

The Then Mrs. Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland

Jim Morrison (on the street with model Donna Mitchell) the lead singer with "The Doors," a man who looks like a lion, and who, according to one admirer, feels he "has to get his message to every woman" - a message every woman who sees him, gets. Donna Mitchell is in a "stretchie" from Etcetera.

Photography: Alexis Waldeck

Faye Dunaway in Jax

Vanessa Redgrave takes on Isadora
Photography: Norman Parkinson

men, now

Don Jaime de Mesia Figueroa, son of the Duke of Tamames, twenty-one, in front of his Matra Prototype/600 dressed in Diego Ruiz, Madrid.

Lord Hesketh

Christopher Sykes                     Tatton Sykes

                                  Stella Astor

Jenico Nicholas Dudley Preston, seventeenth Viscount Gormanston and Premier Viscount of Ireland. His pale yellow suit is from Michael Rainey's shop in Chelsea.

Thomas Patrick John Anson, fifth Earl of Lichfield, also Viscount Anson and Baron Soberton. Also, photographer Patrick Lichfield who took this triple self-portrait.

and took this portrait of a very gay Duke of Windsor with his Duchess.

Hero of the hour in the shirt of the moment. Turnbull and Asser's turtle of silk satin.

Patrick de Barentzen's side-closing white satin shirt with black braid, 

Turlteneck shirt with back and side-zip closingfrom DeVoss, Beverly Hills.

Silk paisley-lined shirt of charcoal glove leather. To order at Elaine Starkman.

Twiggy with shoulder strap bags, lucite rings by Bernard Kayman, Earrings by Flemming. Sant'Angel chain at the neck holds a flower-faced watch by Old England. Buried among Sant'Angelo watch bands and bracelets: a Timex electric watch.

Laquered torso by Courreges

Sky-blue nacre sequins, organdy windows, daisies with hearts of gold.


The Final Word

Closing the Courreges Collection - his brides in Super-nonclothes. 

The Way to a man's hearth
At-home fashion that makes you feel you're adored
Vogue November 1967

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