Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Peek-a-boo lace
Irene Galitzine

Peek-a-boo back
Eloise Curtis

Peek-a-boo sides                         Peek-a-boo tummy
Robert Sloan                             Modern Juniors

Peek-a boo back
Craig Casuals

Peek-a-boo sides
De De Johnson

Peek-a-boo sides
Mr. Mort

Peek-a-boo shoulder

Peek-a-boo applique

You've Come a Long Way Baby

Harper's Bazaar April 1960
Young Perfectionist: 
The Bare Possibilities
Photography: William Hellburn
Flowering Tops in the Light of Greece
Photography: Lillian Bassman

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Friday, October 25, 2013


Mick and Jerry at Home
Vogue Paris December 1996

Thursday, October 24, 2013


"Panthere" de Cartier

"Loulou" de Cacharel

"Gem" de Van Cleef and Arpels

Parfums Portraits
Vogue Paris May 1987
Photography: Joyce Tenneson

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The Decollete Slipper

Evening's prophetic profile is cut out in a low tapering line that adds length to the leg, grace to the foot. The white slipper is set on a curved heel perfectly in balance with the elongated vamp.  By Evins in watered silk rippling with silvery Lurex.

Silk Knits
Mat Mauve Silk import from Italy
Bracelet by Brania

Silhouettes in single streaks of cool color brightly accentuate the figure by mat bas-relief.

" This exceptionally unique photography begs the question to current popular fashion photographers, "have you explored your creativity in-studio without excessive accoutrements?"

Kourtney Kardashian? 

The Great Import of Silk Knit

Giant cuff collar drops deep on a knitted silk pullover by Braemar cut short, waist-level above a black linen skirt 

Garent Red Silk - Italian Import
Cabochon stone bracelet - Hattie Carnegie

Italian Imported Nile green silk drops from a broad cuff collar
Chiffon Scarf - Doro
Hattie Carnegie's Bold Blue Brooch

Rococo leaves espaliered on white silk jersey
Emilio Pucci
Earrings - Nettie Rosenstein

On The Double

Double-faced wool suit by Monte-Sano and Pruzan

Reversible cross-roughed black, white and grey wool 
Monte-Sano and  Pruzan

Black and scarlet double-faced wool with silver fox cuff 

Harper's Bazaar July 1959
The Decolette Slipper
On The Double
The Great Import of Silk Knit
Saul Leiter
Richard Avedon

Friday, October 18, 2013


China Machado in Revillon with Manuela

Harper's Bazaar December 1965
Photography: Louis Faurer

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


New Crusader Look
Snow-white mink hood lit by rhinestones by Otto Lucas

Photography: David Bailey
Vogue UK November 1965

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Monday, October 14, 2013



... to swirl into the dance, layers and layers of flounces on a brilliant flame colour dress of pleated nylon organza by Jean Allen

London Town                        Frank Usher

Polly Peck                                    Julian Rose

Bernard Nevill, one of Britain's most important textile designers, was the youngest student to attend London's St, Martin's College of Art shortly after turning fifteen.  Fashion illustrator, costume designer, interior decorator and professor in fashion and textile design, Nevill was a forerunner in the design of "Shabby chic." In 1960, Nevill was hired as consultant designer of textiles for Liberty London where he created prints that revitalized the traditional Liberty textiles. The prints he created strongly influenced the mod fashion designers of London during the sixties.

Due North:
for Summer Evenings
Harper's Bazaar UK August 1956

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Friday, October 11, 2013


Petite Provence:the country cottons
Photography: Ben Somoroff
Harper's Bazaar June 1961
From the July 21, 2011 blog post  60's - In Praise of Younger Women

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Cardin's 'Morning Glory' dress
Blue eye shadow that works

Alive to the Look Young Look
Photography: Clive Arrowsmith

Olivia Newton-John

Alive to the look young look
hair screaming, shining, flying
white teeth, shining eyes -  pure beautiful energy
Photography: David Bailey

The 'Mini Bleach' - a 70's look with a 'flip' framing the face  and bleached a lighter shade than the crown

Olivia Wilde sports a version of this hairdo in the newly released Ron Howard film, Rush

Margaret Trudeau rocks the 'mini-bleach'
China, 1973

Nureyev - Monica Mason
The Dance: The Ropes of Time 
Rudi van Dantzig's ballet for Covent Garden

Polly Devlin wears Just Jane
Author, Broadcaster, Filmmaker, Conservationist, Journalist, Editor, Art-critic, Professor, Wife ...

"I'm never happy when I am not on a diet. Every day at half past two I buy a sandwich, look at it, and give it to the dog."
Polly Devlin
Blossoming In Long Flower silks

Voile shirt by Poole
Belt with pink and silver painted heart by Pablo & Delia 
Pink tights by Mary Quant
Pink platforms by Paradies

Honeysuckle, purple, lilac print cotton voile shirt
Gina Fratini
Purple and silver belt by Pablo & Delia
Lilac tights - Mary Quant
Hyacinth platforms by Paradies

White cotton peasant skirt and shirt
Laced poppy red webbing belt 

Shepherdess wedding smock by Lady Fingers


Oatmeal rose-trimmed petticoat
Foale & Tuffin

Nurseryland Dresses
Baby looks for older sisters
Photographed by Elisabeth Novick

Snake appliqued Cream suede bush suit

Ginger suede laced waistcoat - laced front trousers

Blue denim midi skirt, ruffled shirt,laced leather belt, dog collar - Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Brown and Black patchwork suede midi skirt - Cordoba
Skinny sweater - John Craig
Spanish Hat - Christian Dior London

Now For The Easy Life
Photography: David Bailey

fringe, lace, large hat, low heel

Brown denim shirtdress - Charles de Castel Bajac
Brown short kid gloves, suede fringe gauntlets by Kir
Brown leather hat - Malyard

Snake and wild suede fringe chocker - Quorum

And they all go together
Photography: Clive Arrowsmith 

Scarlet cire suit by Silhouette


The New Swim Shapes
Photography: David Schoen

The Most a petticoat can do for you

Look, no fastenings
Janet Reger

Dotted nylon bra and pants by Lovable

For your entertainment we bring you 
the greatest underclothes on earth
Photography: Steve Hiett

The New Young Body
The New Young Bosom

Vogue UK April, 1970
The Look Young Issue

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