Monday, July 21, 2014


What's my Lipline?

Coty 24 - Magnet Red

Revlon's Lilac Champagne

Frances Denny - Imperial Red

Helena Rubinstein - Jazz Red

New Guessing Game:
What's My Lipline?
Harper's Bazaar 1955
Model: Jean Patchett
Illustration: Andy Warhol

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Saturday, July 19, 2014


The question: are female nudes exploitative if helmut newton is the photographer?

Helmut Newton: 
A Secret Girlfriend
Photo Magazine November 1974


Pumping Gold With Clint Eastwood
Hollywood's Richest Actor
Esquire March 14, 1978

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Jay Thorpe Original

Marcel Vertes Illustration


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Veruschka flashing bodyworks, leather and silver metal forged by her jewellery-designing sister, Catharina von Lehndorff.

Stone-studded silver disc at the center of a wrap of leather. At the hip - a silver hip belt held by silver chains. Black silk shirt and scarf by Cerruti.

Long black-and-brown thongs, ringed with silver, slung low under a wide brown leather belt, enormous silver buckle. Black leotard by Danskin, black-and-white Cerruti scarf.

Big-time Ways to Take the Body Wrap
Vogue November 1969
Photography: Franco Rubartelli

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Monday, July 14, 2014


Lauren Hutton 

The chonmage ... traditionally speared with attenuated shapes of ivory or tortoiseshell: here a dinosaur spine of Georg Jensen silver from knot to nape.

Alexis Kirk golden hair sticks, spiked sleek and shining as is the Francis Whitney flanged gorget circling the throat. 

Mouche in Mainbocher

Black as night velvet, tiny waisted and voluminously skirted with long narrow sleeves.

Mainbocher's black crepe one-shouldered tunic curves like folded petals over a knife-pleated chiffon skirt. Jeweled butterflies at the waist.

Diamante-buttoned and belted pale blue silk crepe shirtdress.

Amber and brown African inspired print over a long flow of white wool challis. Choker of giant angelskin coral from Tiffany at the neck.

Veronica Hamel in Galanos

Pintucked white wool jersey, a deep slash from neck to midriff, a deep cuff at the wrist of each sleeve.

Nine-tenths coat of silvery white lace flowers to toss over streamer sashed pants and a jewelled top.

Silvery scalloped lace long like a Persian tunic open from bosom to hem over gunmetal lame pants.

Lace chemise smothered with gold Victorian roses tumbling over its sash of braided chain.


One of fashions great agents provocateurs. Here, his paillette-fringed, laquer-red crepe tunic-pyjamas.


Leathery long-coated pantsuit appliqued with blossoms.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014



Khaki cotton gaberdine full skirt over red paisley shirt and shorts. Straw sombrero by Emme. Photographed at the dining terrace of Las Brisas, Acapulco.

Rose Marie Reid

Black cotton banded beneath the bosom with a wide bengaline bow.
The background: the natural rock-bound pool at El Mirador, Acapulco.

Cole of California

 Sleeved maillot plunged to the waist in back.


Short beach coat in white organdie with transparent windowpane checks over a full-skirted bathing dress to match.

Toni Owen

Barest coverage beach dress in black and white block print, buttoned at the back. Tall straw hat by Mr. John.


Beach Poncho: black discs dot a sharkskin poncho cut full circle and buttoned from shoulder to hem either side of a wide slashed neckline. Matching beach shorts. Tall straw hat by Emme. Scarf by Echo.

Joe Fligelman

Black and white cotton striped beach shirt and trunks. White Capezio booties. Scarf by Echo.

Tina Leser

Beach jacket and shorts: the short-sleeved coat swings around the front to fasten high on one shoulder worn over matching white crash shorts. Scarf by Echo. Photographed at Lake Patzcuaro, Mexico.

Storm Play

Brass-buttoned short and crisp cotton poplin raincoat tossed over white duck pants. 

Heiser Sportswear

Kimono-sleeved partially belted beach poncho with double width of collar over matching shorts in Everfast's Everglaze sateen. Tall brimmed cloche by John Frederics.

Photographed at Purerto Marquez Beach, Mexico.


Denim Beach Suit: immaculately tailored gray denim blazer and short shorts photographed beside one of the natural rocky pools at La Concha. Straw Sombrero by Emme.

"Sun-splashed water at the reach of an eager hand is the essence of summer."

Water's The Thing
Harper's Bazaar May 1959
Photography: Gleb Derujinsky

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The Casino it Le Touquet

Left - a frieze of leaves at the V of a blue and silver brocade dress, stem-slim and taught as hammered foil at the waist.
Right - creamy spun-metal brocade, leafed over in pinks and browns, crushed into slender drapery below a pink satin sash.


Finely shafted pleated white jersey wound loosely with golden ribbons.

Balmaine's Ermine Evening Shirt
At Le Pre Catelan

Balenciaga's Ermine-Bibbed Evening Dress
Le Pre Catelan


Subtly fitted two-piece silhouette. Satin binds the thin black wool moving in a deep, attenuated V past a high, filled-in decolletage.
At Theatre Marigny


Shoulder-banding white satin. Tapered slashed skirt melts into a carved waistline. The satin shawl is threaded with mink.


Elongated line in pink satin. A high neckline with a narrow skirt drawn into a flat bow on the hip.


Grey satin dancing dress - the decollete is shallow, gliding from a high bosom to the hip where its short skirt swings out like a tutu.

Carmel Snow's Paris Report
Harper's Bazaar September 1954
Photography: Richard Avedon

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