Friday, April 24, 2015


Angelica Huston

Pat Cleveland

Appolonia in Mollie Parnis Boutique

Pyjamas - Oscar del a Renta
Floor-length Sable - Revillon
Model: Anjelica Huston

Blouson and Skirt - Galitzine
Barbonese Pearls


"Pale Liquid With Pearls at Night"

Pyjamas - Halston ... Saga Mink trimmed in Amber Norwegian Fox - Fernando Sanchez for Revillon ... Bogus pearl ropes by Kenneth Jay Lane

Angelica in Scott Barrie - Cultures Pearl ropes from Imperial Pearl Syndicate. Earrings, Mastogem.

Saint Laurent

"Flirt a little, try a pretty hat, a bit of some skin, show your legs in a SHORT DRESS AT NIGHT"

"Shorter. Softer. Shining. It goes with the look of the short dress at night." Coif, Mark of Kenneth.

Halter-top white matte jersey by Marie McCarthy for Aldrich. Georges Kaplan Lynx-dyed Russian hare jacket. Coif, Francois of Kenneth.

Gold glitter sweater cap and black knit turtle neck dress by Donald Brooks Boutique. Natural silver fox boa - Oscar de la Renta.

Galanos's shivery black beads on chiffon belted over crepe satin.
Above - Black matte jersey: pleats swaying, cape sleeves covering...uncovering. By Jean Muir

Perfect Mr. Martin Hat - snug, soft, shiny black satin pulled down to the eyes.

Backless Dress in black printed with coral and white flowers from Chester Now.

Silver and Gold on Red chiffon by Shannon Rogers for Jerry Silverman.

Saks Golden tights, Custom Craft by Rossi silver sandals.

Angora cardigan over matching top and crepe-satin skirt 

Cowled dress and cardigan

Slip-soft crepe-satin dresses by Morty Sussman for  Mollie Parnis Boutique.

Beige crepe satin halter and skirt - like nothing on - from Chester Now.

The shirtdress with a drawstring waist in peach crepe satin by Ole Borden for Rembrandt. Lanyard of bogus pearls - Kenneth Jay Lane for Marvella.

Vogue November 1972
Irving Penn
Kourken Pakchanian

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Couture High Points/Italy Paris

"One of the hottest numbers in Italy! The ankle-length movie star dress in bias-cut black satin crepe. The clingiest skirt, the most glamorous neckline - sweetheart curves on a thin halter strap - draped, wrapped, tied - held by two rhinestone bows." By Lancetti

"Ankle-length brown dress of thinest silk crepe - the most alluring dress at Givenchy- the most alluring new evening length. The hem just gently turned under, unpressed, soft, flirting around the ankles. Small, taut, deep V bodice...slightly raised waist held with a leash of gold snakeskin. Ankle-length gold snakeskin coat.

"The glamour of black, the ease of a pyjama, with the best little top of all for evening - the perfectly cut black chiffon surplice blouse wrapped small at the waist." Cardigan of zebra-patterned sequins. Pertegaz

"The most covered yet the most bare dress anywhere. Thin wool chiffon gathered to a deep V, falling soft from a curved slightly raised waistband. The black ostrich boa - the flirt of Paris. " By Ungaro

The all-time black dress from Valentino

"the long, sinuous, bias-cut silk crepe halter dress...the prettiest neckline - chiffon wrapped at the throat and tied in a huge soft bow, a pale-mauve rose tucked in."

Saint Laurent
The Ultimate Evening Looks

"The newest evening dress - the bias, body-skimming, flared from the knee long dress in navy hammered satin ... three rhinestone straps across the naked back... the surprise of a little navy chiffon bed-jacket just floated over."

Top: "The one-shoulder dress to end all one-shoulder dresses! A long boas black chiffon tube with bias-cut crepe georgette overlay falling across. All the drama without a touch of excess."

Above: The ankle-length black velvet suit - the great evening suit. His forever smock-jacket with '"diamond"' buttons over a black chiffon blouse with a peplum of tiny pleats and a ruffled jabot."

"The $3,500 sweater - Saint Laurent's new evening sweater - the famous Paris sweater. Subtler than any glitter sweater. Lighter, thinner. More candlelight than bonfire - tiny dulled beads of grey and amber with golden bugle beads embroidered on a base of nude chiffon - bias cut so it just falls into the body. Over a nude chiffon blouse and grey wool flannel trousers.

"Halston's ankle-length halter dress in silvery-grey matte jersey.  The sexiest - the simplest - way to be dressed at night: you wrap yourself into it, you shows, and the leg comes through. Silver jewelry, Elsa Peretti.

"The uniform of today, the big coat that's easy as a cardigan, in grey-and-white double-faced cashmere...leaner pants in matching grey flannel the perfect cashmere cardigan in platinum grey - long, lean, narrow-belted - showing every curve of the body." Made to order at Halston.

Couture High Points
Vogue October 1973
Photography: Avedon

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Saturday, April 18, 2015


"On the beam, - a shiny fake-silver star hitched to a hank of hair."
Necklace-pendant by Clark for William de Lillo.


"Look what beautiful things Scassi has done with sari cloth - made a little gypsy, left, in gauzy white with red print. And matching red print for a gypsy scarf, wrapped tight to the head, the ends streaming. Right, his wide deep decolletage in orangey-red sari cloth with short, tight sleeves, flashed of fringy tassels to wrap up the arm."

Saint Laurent

Y is the first letter of Yes
And of Young.
And of Yves.
And of You?

Mocuhe in Mainbocher

"Black crepe one-shouldered tunic curving like petals over knife-pleated black chiffon with a flutter of jeweled butterflies by Sonia Younis of Tiffany."

Mainbocher's white silk crepe shirtdress, diamante buttons, pale blue at the waist belted with diamante buckle.

Amber and brown over a long flow of white wool challis, crossed at the neck, worn with a choker of giant angelskin coral, from Tiffany.

Veronica Hamel

Pintucked white wool jersey, deep slash from neck to midriff.

"A shining paradox, smothered with gold Victorian roses and new as the coming decade an adorable little lace chemise tumbling over its sash of braided chain."

"Nine-tenths coat tossed over streamer-sashed pants. Silvery white -lace flowers misted over a jewel-blazed top." MacCarthy lace.

"Flung long as a Persian tunic and open from bosom to hem - a pleat at the side of each leg adds a flash of width to the gunmetal lame pants." Lame threaded with Lurex."

Vogue November 15, 1969
Editor-in-chief: Diana Vreeland
Photography: Avedon

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Winter Collections 1962

"Pierre Balmain excited all of Paris with the spine-tingling drama of this dress. Black as night, deep in intrigue. Glistening peacock feathers thrust up from the bodice to caress the shoulders, provocatively half-veiling the eyes."

Harper's Bazaar October 1962
Photography: Richard Avedon

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Essence of Jersey

Madame Gres, a liquid shaft. unexpectably pleated, of pale yellow, white and gray in Guillemin silk jersey, as sheer as chiffon.

Night-Brown Mist

Lanvin-Castillo's short dance dress, sashed in satin with a shifting cloud of scarf. Bianchini silk chiffon.

Palazzo Pink

Carosa, pink satin Roman ballgown. Its single strap fluttered with bows. The skirt, divided by a deep pleat forming two panels.

Invitation to a Gala
Harper's Bazaar October 1962
Photography: Jeanloup Sieff

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Monday, April 13, 2015


the lean coat

Mohair, plaided in purple and smoke gray, stand-up collar and close, slender sleeves. La Vigna.

Robin's-egg blue double-face wool double-breasted narrow topcoat. Originala.

Cardin for Zelinka Matlick                      Stanley Nelson

Navy blue wool overcoat, cut straight and narrow by Jack Sarnoff.

Currently, The Lean Coat
Photography: Saul Leiter

Long black crepe, narrow, screened with tiers of fringe at the low back decolletage and at the hem. By Jerry Silverman.

Rosy red wool crepe, sheer as chiffon, marking the midriff and capped with the smallest of sleeves. By Helga.

Cowl-throated white crepe slightly bloused, beautifully unembelished by Dorothy O'Hara. 

Broad belt embroidered in gold, beautiful boundary for the bolero-like top and drape-tucked skirt in green matelasse crepe by Lee Claire.

Black-Tie Crepes
Photography: Martin Munkacsi

Galanos, a new winged silhouette in soot black heavy brocade, gathered sleeves jut out like wings from the straight, slashed bateau neckline. Accentuating the widened shoulder, a long, smooth narrowness of tunic, ending just below the hip. Black tulle dome hat by Galanos.

A blaze of deep blue sequined embroidery on a net bodice of a short blue satin evening dress by Paul Parnes.

Drop rhinestones adorn the chiffon top of a long white satin evening dress by Mr. Blackwell.

Jewelled bolero made of velvet encrusted with golden bugle beads and pearls over a great-skirted faille dress the colour of parchment. Curved velvet jewelled waistband matches the bolero. By Branell.

A jewelled sweater of golden net embroidered with crystal beads under the smooth small jacket of a candlelight-colored evening suit by Harvey Berin.

Joseph Mazer twig pin crests a Monti coiffure. On the forehead, a rhinestone earring tikka by Trifari. The ballgown, by Scassi. Lotus blossom pin on the Viola Weinberger glove, by Vendome. A cluster of pineapple-shaped brooches by Trifari adorns the bodice. At the wrist, a rondelle necklace and flower clip.

Jewels at the Top
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi

The Great Shapes
Harper's Bazaar October 1962
Saul Leiter
Martin Munkacsi
Hiro Wakabayashi

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