Friday, April 24, 2015


Angelica Huston

Pat Cleveland

Appolonia in Mollie Parnis Boutique

Pyjamas - Oscar del a Renta
Floor-length Sable - Revillon
Model: Anjelica Huston

Blouson and Skirt - Galitzine
Barbonese Pearls


"Pale Liquid With Pearls at Night"

Pyjamas - Halston ... Saga Mink trimmed in Amber Norwegian Fox - Fernando Sanchez for Revillon ... Bogus pearl ropes by Kenneth Jay Lane

Angelica in Scott Barrie - Cultures Pearl ropes from Imperial Pearl Syndicate. Earrings, Mastogem.

Saint Laurent

"Flirt a little, try a pretty hat, a bit of some skin, show your legs in a SHORT DRESS AT NIGHT"

"Shorter. Softer. Shining. It goes with the look of the short dress at night." Coif, Mark of Kenneth.

Halter-top white matte jersey by Marie McCarthy for Aldrich. Georges Kaplan Lynx-dyed Russian hare jacket. Coif, Francois of Kenneth.

Gold glitter sweater cap and black knit turtle neck dress by Donald Brooks Boutique. Natural silver fox boa - Oscar de la Renta.

Galanos's shivery black beads on chiffon belted over crepe satin.
Above - Black matte jersey: pleats swaying, cape sleeves covering...uncovering. By Jean Muir

Perfect Mr. Martin Hat - snug, soft, shiny black satin pulled down to the eyes.

Backless Dress in black printed with coral and white flowers from Chester Now.

Silver and Gold on Red chiffon by Shannon Rogers for Jerry Silverman.

Saks Golden tights, Custom Craft by Rossi silver sandals.

Angora cardigan over matching top and crepe-satin skirt 

Cowled dress and cardigan

Slip-soft crepe-satin dresses by Morty Sussman for  Mollie Parnis Boutique.

Beige crepe satin halter and skirt - like nothing on - from Chester Now.

The shirtdress with a drawstring waist in peach crepe satin by Ole Borden for Rembrandt. Lanyard of bogus pearls - Kenneth Jay Lane for Marvella.

Vogue November 1972
Irving Penn
Kourken Pakchanian

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