Saturday, April 18, 2015


"On the beam, - a shiny fake-silver star hitched to a hank of hair."
Necklace-pendant by Clark for William de Lillo.


"Look what beautiful things Scassi has done with sari cloth - made a little gypsy, left, in gauzy white with red print. And matching red print for a gypsy scarf, wrapped tight to the head, the ends streaming. Right, his wide deep decolletage in orangey-red sari cloth with short, tight sleeves, flashed of fringy tassels to wrap up the arm."

Saint Laurent

Y is the first letter of Yes
And of Young.
And of Yves.
And of You?

Mocuhe in Mainbocher

"Black crepe one-shouldered tunic curving like petals over knife-pleated black chiffon with a flutter of jeweled butterflies by Sonia Younis of Tiffany."

Mainbocher's white silk crepe shirtdress, diamante buttons, pale blue at the waist belted with diamante buckle.

Amber and brown over a long flow of white wool challis, crossed at the neck, worn with a choker of giant angelskin coral, from Tiffany.

Veronica Hamel

Pintucked white wool jersey, deep slash from neck to midriff.

"A shining paradox, smothered with gold Victorian roses and new as the coming decade an adorable little lace chemise tumbling over its sash of braided chain."

"Nine-tenths coat tossed over streamer-sashed pants. Silvery white -lace flowers misted over a jewel-blazed top." MacCarthy lace.

"Flung long as a Persian tunic and open from bosom to hem - a pleat at the side of each leg adds a flash of width to the gunmetal lame pants." Lame threaded with Lurex."

Vogue November 15, 1969
Editor-in-chief: Diana Vreeland
Photography: Avedon

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