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Vogue Italia October 1992
Photography: Tullio Farabola

Thursday, February 26, 2015


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"I can't imagine ever getting bored with red - it would be like becoming bored with the person you love."
Diana Vreeland

Simply Red
Harper's Bazaar December 1993
Photography: Mario Testino

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Balenciaga's newest evening dress: discreet, unjeweled, the year's most unexpected ballgown. In white silk cloche, clinging at the bosom, low and wrapped in back.

Balenciaga - ermine robe shaped in the round, lightly sashed in candy pink satin.

Givenchy's discreet young dinner dress, light as foam, the quintessence of slender elegance in charcoal gray satin-backed crepe. The bateau neck pulled high by a drawstring; the bodice, draping an unmarked waist.

Givenchy's ruffled black satin  organza dinner dress. Harry Winston jewels. Roger Vivier shoes.

Great Exaggerations
Harper's Bazaar November 1962
Photography: Richard Avedon
Coiffures: Alexandre of Paris

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


One-Buttons Check In

Top: Petrocelli black and white fine check worsted suit.
Above: Grey-worsted check by Ambassador

The Tab-Cuff Shirt by Prince Ferrari
Tie by X'Andrini
Onyx and silver bamboo links by Grand Prix

Sport Jackets:
The Contemporary Approach

Red and Black Silk Hound's-tooth-check
Red silk-lined by Delton

Highlight On Pattern

Top: Hanover Hall two-buton, natural shoulder check
Above: Black and White Glen Plaid by Chester Barrie

New-Mode Sport Jackets

Top: Angled and double-piped brown suede framed pockets, suede elbow patches on tobacco brown wool flannel by Leon of Paris.
Below: Concealed slash pockets on black and white checked worsted by Andrew Pallack

David M. Ogilvy
Chairman of the Board
Ogilvy, Benson and Mather

Photography: Chadwick Hall

The Gillie Shoe - whose history goes back at least to nineteenth-century Scotland, and popularized in the twenties by The Duke of Windsor, now reappears. 
Johnston and Murphy

Top: Moccasin design with large perforations on a square tongue slip-on by Stetson.
Left: Simulated bricks cut out decoratively on a black slip-on by Fuchs Bros.
Center: Tunneled tie-straps on a black-brown-shaded slip-on by Crosbly Square.

Country Strollers

Top: Winthrop punched front slip-on
Center: Cork-finish moccasin-front slip-on with twist-effect strap by Nettleton Shoes, NY.
Below: Leather blunt-toe embellished-strap slip-on by British Walkers.

Photography: Leonard Nones

Spring Alliance:
Brown and Blue

Above: Hickey-Freeman
Top: Stanley Blacker

A Cut Above The Usual at The Flick New York City

Top: Shawl collar three-button in dark green bird's-eye worsted by Eagle.
Below: Notched peak lapels and high two-button front by Tarra Hall

On Lighter Grounds

Jackets with sprightly patterns and light-colored grounds  - Top by Louis Roth. Above: Hart Schaffner and Marx.

Top: Monte Cristo
Above: Exclusive by Fenton Hall for Mike Howard's Leading Man, Hollywoood.

The Two-Button Front Advances

Top: Phoenix black and grey Glenn Plaid worsted two-button suit.
Above: Cardinal blue on blue-grey striped mohair.

Black and white bird's-eye worsted by Blankson.

Beige mohair two-button suit by Sussex.

Photographs by Chadwick Hall at the Sign of The Dove, Manhattan

Gentlemen's Quarterly March 1963
Chadwick Hall
Leonard Nones

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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Diane Arbus
Petal Pink For Little Parties
Harper's Bazaar November 1962

Thursday, February 12, 2015


David Webb on Marisa Mel

Marisa Mell - And The Fashion For Jewelled Belts
Photography: Bert Stern

Comtesse de Bendern ... Prince Doan Na Champacak ... Talitha Getty

Mme. Benhima

Miss Rory Davis

Principessa Maria Zenaide Odescalchi... Princess Ira Furstenberg ...The Duchesa de Cadaval

The Beautiful People In Belts

Dunaway in Sibley Coffee

Modellia ... Cuddlecoat

Regina Porter for Main Street ... Originala ... Weatherbee ... The Sidneys

Anything Goes ...
Anything Goes ... Belted
Photography: Bert Stern

Two New Ways for a Suit to Look

Cotton's Got It
Vogue Patterns
Photography: Bert Stern

Intarsia Anemones - Mila Schoen

Fabiani's white tent coat

Valentino's White

Crisp white from Valentino

Leaves and layers from Mila Schoen

Elio Bernhanyer


Italy Fashion Collections Report
Spain Spring Collections
Photography: Henry Clarke

Balenciaga bias cap-sleeve jacket and camisole dress in black nun's veiling

Balenciaga Organza Petals

Balenciaga Sportswear


Paris Chanel
Paintings: Marion Pike
Photography: David Bailey
Vogue March 1968

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