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The Great Greatcoat - The Great Look

Carmen Dell'Orefice gloved, turbaned and wrapped in natural Cabana Marrone nutria, pelts set on the horizontal, by Bernhardt. Hat, Mr. John. Joseph Mazer necklace. Trefousse leather gloves. Handbag, Koret. 

Suzy Parker in Mainbocher

Norman Norell's culottes dress in a vivid souffle of pink flowers.

Catching The light: This Season's Brilliants

Carmen dressed up casual in an elongated black wool knit overblouse, a chainmail of pinkish beige and black sequins in a leopard-spotted pattern. A new look worn in combination with a straight wool knit skirt. By Goldworm.

More Brilliants: dusty mauve and navy blue seamless stockings, crystal-coloured jacquard lace hose are interwoven with sparkling nylon for a shimmering effect.

The shiny nails are complements of Juliette Marglen's new Stained Glass Collection.

Blue silk matelasse three-quarter-sleeved evening coat by Originala

Bow-fastened blue satin stole riding over a strapless dress with swan-shaped skirt. The hem is lifted ankle-high, rising gently to a point in front. dipping deep back. By Sarmi. Albert Weiss earrings, Christian Dior pumps.

Carmen wears Norman Norell. Cafe au lait and white velour decoupe, the cuffs, circles of Russian Sable.

Bravo Balenciaga

Draping sweeps the shoulder and - with the first step - cascades into a floating panel that reveals the knee. In deep purple satin chiffon by Balenciaga.

Black organzine encrusted with glittering jet and midnight blue embroidery enveloping the figure in Givenchy opulence.

Givenchy Greatness

Chinese pink cloque wraps the body asymetrically in a diagonal swath the stops in a huge bowed-sash.

Crushed black silk jersey with the simplicity of no more than a deep neckline. By Galanos.

Jet-embroidered black lace on white satin atop a loosley gathered bow-graced waist. By Edward Abbott.

White jersey column-shaped ballgown classically draped by Tarquin Ebker. Albert Weiss earrings.

Sequined pink roses on a waterfall of white sequins by Rappi. Necklace and earring by de Firenze.

Mauve lame ensemble of a side-tied top and long skirt by Mr. Mort Sportswear. Marcel Boucher bracelets.

Sequins go casual. The jeweled polo shirt, crew-necked, lightly sashed, and extending to the ankles in stripes of crimson sequins on white crepe. By Kasper for Arnold and Fox.

New Fashion Drama
Harper's Bazaar November 1960
Richard Avedon
Lillian Bassman
Saul Leiter
Melvin Sokolsky
Francesco Scavullo

...eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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