Thursday, February 12, 2015


David Webb on Marisa Mel

Marisa Mell - And The Fashion For Jewelled Belts
Photography: Bert Stern

Comtesse de Bendern ... Prince Doan Na Champacak ... Talitha Getty

Mme. Benhima

Miss Rory Davis

Principessa Maria Zenaide Odescalchi... Princess Ira Furstenberg ...The Duchesa de Cadaval

The Beautiful People In Belts

Dunaway in Sibley Coffee

Modellia ... Cuddlecoat

Regina Porter for Main Street ... Originala ... Weatherbee ... The Sidneys

Anything Goes ...
Anything Goes ... Belted
Photography: Bert Stern

Two New Ways for a Suit to Look

Cotton's Got It
Vogue Patterns
Photography: Bert Stern

Intarsia Anemones - Mila Schoen

Fabiani's white tent coat

Valentino's White

Crisp white from Valentino

Leaves and layers from Mila Schoen

Elio Bernhanyer


Italy Fashion Collections Report
Spain Spring Collections
Photography: Henry Clarke

Balenciaga bias cap-sleeve jacket and camisole dress in black nun's veiling

Balenciaga Organza Petals

Balenciaga Sportswear


Paris Chanel
Paintings: Marion Pike
Photography: David Bailey
Vogue March 1968

... eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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