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Top: The mosaic walls of the Shaikh or  Shaykh Lutfullah Mosque built in 1617 situated in the grand royal square of Isfahan.
Above: Snapshot of the Friday Mosque of Isfahan. Expressing the architecture of the Seljuk rule in Persia between 1038 and 1118.

Fashion:Gino Paoli

More mosaics of the Shaikh Lutfullah Mosque frame a wool pullover with collared inset by Prince Dinori.
Below: The Khwaju Bridge and a striped wool sweater-coat by Europe Craft.
The Khwaju Bridge was built by Shah Abbas II in 1650 in the Safavid style. The Safavid dynasty ruled one of the greatest Persian empires since the Muslim conquest of Persia. The Safavids ruled from 1501 to 1722.

The arabesqued dome of Isfahan's Shaykh Lutfallah Mosque. Isfahan lies 340 km south of Tehran. 
Top Left: The Ali Qapu Palace. It has seven floors, each accessible through a spiral staircase.It's name means "The High or Great - Gate" 

Fashion: Oleg Cassini for Burma-Bibas

Belted in Isfahan
Navarro belted snap-closure sweater-jacket
Backdrop: The Royal Mosque of Isfahan's Maidan Square. The supreme achievement of Persian Islamic architecture built by Shah Abbas

More belted finery above. Gold leather stand-up collar and  brass-buckled gold leather belt braces gold wool yokes curving down the blue wool body-shaped sweater jacket by Pierre Cardin.

The belted sport coat in gold and black hounds-tooth with green pverplaid; fly-front with leather trim at the pointed-flap pockets, high center vent. Michaels/Stern.

Isfahan's answer to Macy's - the Royal Bazaar

Fashion: Blue and grey box-plaid wool and acrylic leisure suit. Edwardian collared, wide belted, wide  bell-bottomed, by Tempo.



The Shah Abbas Hotel on the site of an ancient caravansary (an inn with a central courtyard for bedouin travelers)

Fashion: Lamb's wool check jacket by Hollywood Clothes, Gant shirt, Damon tie.

Hadish, winter palace of Xerxes, King of Kings, where he enjoyed his night of nights in Persepolis.

Fashion: Three-quarter coat in wool checks with big notched-collar and side-vents by Mighty-Mac. Stetson hat.

One of the mightiest cities of the ancient Near East...The ultimate most eloquent expression of its culture... The Majestic ruins.

Fashion: Above - buttoned and belted sleeveless orange cardigan by Forum. Top - popcorn stitchblue wool sleeveless knot pullover by Lord Jeff.

College Students from The Theological College of the Mother of the Shah, built in 1707-1714. It is so-named because it was a gift to Isfahan from the mother of Shah Sultan Husain.

Fashion: Bold gold plaid and yellow knitted Ban-Lon pullover by Trend.

Vakil, a 19th century mosque frames a sweater of gold wool circles and diamonds on pony skin mock-turtle sweater from Catalina Martin

Shiraz - 18th century capital of Persia, famous for its fine wine and beautiful gardens.The birthplace of Persia's two greatest poets, Hafiz and Saadi. 

At right, an alcove at Naranjestan, an 18th century house converted into a workshop for artisans, and a cardigan in three shades of blue with leather diamond front panels on textured orlon by J.S.I.

Leather-fronted wool knit pullover crossed by super-sized darts  Blye of Florence

Maidan-e-Shah Square

The heart of Isfahan, built by Shah Abbas in the 17th century. A place for meeting and marketing.

Fashion: Double-breasted orlon pile lined raincoat by Gleneagles.

Hide and Seek in the Mountains of Iran where the game is a swift-footed goat, and camp meals consist of a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and Persian caviar.
Illustration: Reynold Ruffins

The Shah and Farrah entertain Thailand's King
Below: at Persepolis

Informal family portrait with Crown Prince Reza Pahlevi in the foreground.
Photograph: Michael Teague

Persian Excursion
Gentlemen's Quarterly
October 1969
Photography: Leonard Nones

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