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Steve Holland ... the original Flash Gordon
Steve Holland travelling here in a Chrysler New Yorker convertible wears a new kind of long -sleeved Polo shirt with a button-in gilet, solid colour on one side, striped on the other. By Alfred of New York. Sun goggles from Belz.
"Jean Patchett was to Ford what Babe Ruth was to the Yankees" ... Jerry Ford - Ford Models

Her beautiful face is reporting the benefits of a new face-cream diet: Matchabelli's "Polyderm-20." Especially designed for the woman who's dieting. It supplies the skin with polyunsaturates - the essential oils and fats that may be lacking in reducing regimes.
Waterproofing's old stuff to sports watches but this is the first time the wrist watch of delicate good looks has been given the treatment. Insurance companies will love it - no more pretty watches gone astray on restaurant-washroom shelves. Elgin 17-jewel  watch in gold plate.

Fashion Changes That Won't Wait For Autumn

No waiting: that's the biggest fashion change of all. Seasonless clothes that blend into any season. Here, the gauzy wool dress by Talmack works in the heat of summer 1955 as well as in the cold of winter 1955. Light as nun's veiling, meets the trend towards lighter, all-year wools. The new temperate wools, like the new deceptive cottons below, may eliminate the transition dress from fashion language.

Black satin, sleekly shaped. Hat by Irene of New York
Illustration: Rene Bouche

A dress that's beautifully shaped to follow here and curve softly there.By David Levine, Gloves by Superb, Emme hat

Five O'clock coat in cotton velveteen, Milium-lined with a far-reaching collar. The dress, slight sleeves and a side-belled skirt by Mollie Parnis. Illustration: Rene Bouche

Thinned to weightlessness,shaped to timelessness,prettiness - black silk brocade by Adele Simpson
The Beauty of made-to-order climate
The Summer Sweater 
photographed by Sharland

Nice fashion-effect of the air conditioner: the emergence of the sweater as an all-year fashion. Cameron black cashmere pull-over with a blaze of late-day jewelling - gilt Egyptian collar inlaid with pink and aquamarine-coloured stones by Mosell.

Bernhard Altmann; Korrigan-Lesur;Premier; Toni Owen

Tweed as Tunic
Harry Frechtel
Life Extension for Cottons
Cottons with not-too-summery good looks from Herbert Meyer (above), Shirtwaist in Italian cotton from L'Aiglon below.
Photography: Clifford Coffin

Harper's Bazaar July 1955
Summer Full of Change 

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