Friday, March 9, 2012


the eyes have it...

Ostrich-flutter lashes from Antonio de Paris Vogue MARCH 1966

Linde-created emeralds from "The Quintessa Collection"
eye creation by Giorgio Sant'Angelo
January 1968

a sweep of green extends the eye framed with white striping...the bottom lash... a dotted line Vogue March 1966

more stripes create a zebra eye-frame...the new 'banana' line starts the frame in the crease of the eye. Vogue March 1966

samantha jones Vogue October 1968

'falsies' false eyelashes are attached individually...or painted on with eyeliner below the bottom lash - these are called 'Twiggy's' after the first supermodel, Twiggy.

Twiggy's 'Twiggy's' Vogue August 1967

Julie Driscoll's take on the 'Twiggy'and the 'banana'line March 1969
More Driscoll 'Twiggy's'and 'banana' line
Vogue August 1968

Camp Vamp By Name false eyelashes from Hair Hunters Los Angeles
Vogue April 1969
coloured contact lenses -  Donyale Luna from Satyricon
Vogue April 1969

Ungaro's painted eyes Vogue September 1969
Individual'Falsies' Marisa Berenson
British Vogue Cover September 1968

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