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See on the following pages, the changes in this face. Here, it’s a face practically in its natural state. It wears only the standard equipment of American Women: just lipstick and a faint brush of face powder. The hair is merely combed through - not set. We can therefore say,’” this is what she really looks like.”’

“Now - want to see who she can become? Turn the pages and find out what a little time and a lot of make-up can do…"

Verdura pencils and bracelets

Red saddle leather purse by Enger-Kress

THE SAME FACE: "here re-Vamped. The frank and freckled complexion is masqued and paled by a cake foundation and clear-toned powder. Lipstick makes a big change-of-costume for the face: paints on a completely different mouth. The mysterious eyes - no mystery: just black shadow, eyebrow pencil, and a thick fringe of made-to-order eyelashes."

Earrings: Jet and glitter on gossamer wires, gloves by Superb

THE SAME FACE: "wears a light tan in the country; a sun-colour she can put on and take off as easily as her sweater - for this complexion comes out of a bottle of liquid foundation. On the mouth: orange-red lipstick, boldly used. For the eyes: a shadow of green. And she's switched hair colour - just for the day - by brushing in a gilt metal powder.

Her gold glasses at Lugene. Pigskin and fabric gloves by Superb, gilded metal bracelet by Castlecliff

THE SAME FACE: "now a perfectly frank, perfectly delicious phony. Nothing real here at all - neither the lashes, (easily applied in a strip), nor the glitter on the mouth (caused by brushed-on red sequins). It's a fantasy for -well, a big ball? -a charity fashion show? -or just to prove something to yourself?

Rhinestone-paved minaudiere by Evans, earrings by Lido, rhinestone bracelets, Henri Bendel



"There's probably something Deeply Significant in whether those word, to you, mean changing your hair-division or changing your role. But we know that if you change the one - the other, quite likely, may happen.

After all, your '"Other"faces are you too, and there is a special refreshment in suddenly coming upon a new and shining version of yourself." Photograph: Clifford Coffin


October 1952

Photography: Erwin Blumenfeld

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