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Edward Henry Molyneux

"An Englishman who succeeded in bridging the Channel with a career among the greatest of French couturiers."

Mainbocher's Coated Cottons

Jean Patchett in the dress and its coat of navy and white checked gingham. Jewels by Schlumberger for Tiffany. Dawnelle gloves.

Dovima wears white cotton with a blue fish-net printing.  Sleeveless dress with a straight-hung jacket topped with a long unsleeved coat.Dawnelle gloves.

Mainbocher: Tweed with Gingham, Lace over Taffeta

Mauve tweed, mauve-checked gingham in a slackly fitted tweed suit with a peeled back collar to show the gingham blouse underneath, wrapped at the shoulders with a Matching gingham scarf.

Mainbocher's favourite scarf wrapping up his slender two-part evening dress and jacket in pale violet taffeta filmed over with lace.

Chiffon - A New Light After Dark
Nettie Rosenstein chiffon printed in leaf shadows flowing past closely ribboned waist.

More Light After Dark - The Green and the Gold

Anne St. Marie wears a short-skirted, barely sleeved dinner dress with V'd back in green and white cotton by Anthony Blotta.

The Sheath by Talmack in apricot shantung Paisley'd in pink and gilt cut touching only at shoulder and hip.

The Pajama Dress

Thickly patterned white lace by Talmack.

The Fichu Dress

Red-Dotted cotton with a fichu-cape buttoned into sleevelets in back, bow-tied in front. By Fabiana, adapted by Hannah Troy.

Cool Fashion: The Lightweights

Cotton chiffon in black with coppery coin-dot stripes by Oleg Cassini. Mr. John Hat.

Minty-green leaf print gathered under a moss green velvet ribbon. The bodice, widely decollete. The skirt flung out over a layering of petticoats. By Jobers. Adolfo of Emme hat. Crescendoe gloves.

Owen-Morgan emerald linen with a deep triangle back and gracefully moving skirt. 

Far Right: The long sleeved green polished cotton shirtwaist by Elfreda

Cool Fashion:
Dressing for the American Summer
Harper's Bazaar June 1956
Richard Avedon
Lillian Bassman
Tom Palumbo

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