Monday, January 19, 2015


The Sunset Unlimited Coat by LoBalbo

Above: Ceil Chapman's pink velveteen top with organdie skirt
Below: Cole of California
Setting: Camelback Inn, Phoenix

Sackcloth and Jeweled

Oxford gray rayon denim, with boyish little pants and molded, shoestring strapped bodice by Bur-Mil

The Wets and The Wilds


White terry-cloth front-zip overall

Shorter slacks and bared midriff top in navy blue French linen by John Miller

Pink Miron Flannel shorts and Miron jersey overblouse by M.Sloat

De Pinna

Burnt-orange toweling, edged with black braid worn over black toweling pants.

Sea Island, Georgia

Carolyn Schnurrer

Long straight shirt and narrow jodhpurs in buttermilk sharkskin


Moygashel linen long shirt-dress with rhinestone buttoons
Foreground: Honan silk with black mosaic buttons

Joset Walker

Halter and tiny round shorts

Southwest Passage - Sunset Pinks
Harper's Bazaar January 1951
Richard Avedon
Lillian Bassman
The Wets and The Wilds
Sackcloth and Jeweled
Photography: Toni Frissell
Cover Model: Dovima

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