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Carmel Snow Reports From Paris

Black curled hat in gold velours - one of Balenciaga's sensational new shapes.

"Once again the miracle happened. Once again in Paris I have seen fashion given new enchantment, fresh elegance, new nuances where none seemed possible - more so than ever this season by Balenciaga and Dior."


"Once again I saw the vitality of the French dressmaker galvanize whole rooms full of women. There wasn't one among us who didn't see the world from a new angle as the wonderful new hats went by, who didn't pull in her midriff st the sight of the new tight-ribbed princesse dresses, who didn't feel the new cancan ruffles kicking prettily around her own knees."




Smoke gray faille, the diaphragm held tight, and the bosom high, by a band of faille with moss green velvet set in at the bosom and in a wedge down the back of the skirt.

It's a Cinch

Carmen Dell'Orefice demonstrates the Warner's half-brassiere and garter belt -  all in one in this iconic photograph by Lillian Bassman.

"It laces up the back, pulls your waist in small and it has a fit as smooth as a postage stamp. Inch for inch, it's the best investment we know for a tiny-waisted, tight-ribbed decollete dress."

The Cancan

"Balenciaga's new evening silhouette. Black velvet with a kick of intensely pink ruffles to the side."

Carmel Snow's Report from Paris
Harper's Bazaar September 1951
Photography: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

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