Monday, June 10, 2013


Suzy Parker
bowled over by Revlon's "Orange Flip"
Orange crystal earrings by Joseph Bobley
Richard Avedon

'58 - '68 Wonders To Come
Spotlight on 1958 ...
Searchlight on 1968

Out In The Open Now: The Bare Pump

The new coat curves the body in front but blows loose and straight in the back - the colour, red lilac by Ben Zuckerman

The Haberdasher Look of Shepherd's Checks

... cut on the bias like a men's tie - the back-blown jacket buttons twice above a slender skirt by Monte Sano and Pruzan.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

The Haberdasher Look Of Checks

Windowpane Checks - Relaxed Lines 
The new longer jacket with a rolled collar and low, banded belt by Traina-Norell


Tie Silk Shepherd Checks worked diagonally in a two-piece overblouse dress cut with fitting but deceptive simplicity by Trigere

New Spring Enlightenment

Amber brown mesh double-buttoned in leather, cinched with a belt only at the center front by Oleg Cassini

The Suit At Ease

The Chanel Suit by Davidow

Red Rose Wool - the jacket wafted back from a gently rolled collar and balanced on a slender stalk of skirt by Monte Sano and Pruzan

The Day Shift

Andy Warhol

Fantasia '58
Floating-on-air dress in coppery-dotted black point d'esprit, billowed from the bosom into a great blown skirt that's caught above the knee with a satin bow, then released into a deep flounce. Galanos

Face With A Future

The Dauphin of the kingdom of Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, a young Algerian, steps into the limelight of fashion as the master's successor - perhaps the greatest challenge in the haute couture.

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