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"I was given the same food for twenty years. Soup and sandwiches, and I can tell you, my favourite is Campbell's Tomato Soup. But food takes too much time from my work ..."


"Food does not exist for me. I like candies. I could eat candies for breakfast, candies for lunch, candies for dinner ... because they are so good. I also like blood."
Andy Warhol


Robert Indiana

"These two pop artists, Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana,in a weird-looking warehouse, downtown, past Wall Street, by the Hudson River, near the docks. One big room to each floor, one big cat to each room."
Ninette Lyon

"The word 'eat' is more than a word. It is a sign you see on every road as you leave the big towns, and signs are important to me. In the eyes of a child, a lighted sign can reflect all the wonders of the world. Besides, the word 'eat' is reassuring, it means not only food, but life."
Robert Indiana

Robert         Andy
Indiana    Warhol
A Second Fame: Good Food
By Ninette Lyon
Vogue March 1965
Photography: Bruce Davidson

Andy Warhol at devodotcom

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