Saturday, July 23, 2011


Sophia Loren
hair's breath of colour

you change your mood, you change your to yourself, play to your audience - the play's the thing

Alexandre of Paris  made these nylon wigs for Sophia Loren for fun in Paris

Sophia Loren's cat's eyes - the real mccoy

body - marisa berenson

chain necklace inlaid with black pebbles - jose maria barrera

Seeman and Marijke Postuma
Joy to paint the world with rainbows
Hollywood's Aquarius Theatre

Maria Berenson - laughing gypsy
Oscar de la Renta

Jean Shrimpton - Paris Colour
Cardin organza

Joie de makeup
The painted -doll face designed for Dior by Serge Lutens
Photography: Elisabetta Catalano

Paris Colour - Jane Forth
on the face, at the neck, wrapping the body at Dior

Jane Forth
photographs Richard Avedon

Jean Shrimpton in a trance of colour
Ungaro - art nouveau flowers

Pronto Pucci
Franco Rubartelli

Mick Jagger - Ruby Lynn Reyner - Edward Ruscha

photography: Jack Robinson

Pronto, pronto - Princess Ira Furstenberg in Ken Scott

Tina Aumont in Missoni

Spain - Divino!
Photography: Henry Clarke

Black and White - Divino!

Black and White Divino!
Elio Berhanyer

Oh, Genevieve!
...the freaky blonde dolly with the squeeky voice - the one in "Joanna" you couldn't take your eyes off

Waife Waite
"I adore this dress - the way it just falls and ies, and the way it's all pieced together and sort of raggedy, and the soft soft tawny colouring - it's like being a girl in a forrest in Shakespeare, Celia or Rosalind."

Suede two-piece by Marsha Trinder
Photographs by Maurice Hogenboom

Grace Coddington
St. Laurent Rive Gauche

The other side of the spoon
Claude Picasso

Jean and Penelope - the Shrimp and the Tree
wet suits by Parkway Fabricators
Photography: David Bailey

joie de hemlines
Shrimpton in Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

joie de hemlines
Shrimpton in Dior Boutique - Givenchy Boutique
Photography: Anthony Horth

A great white hunter
Hat Hunting World, Jewelry Christian Dior


Francois de Nerciat in Chanel

Francois de Nerciat in Chanel

the littlest mini of them all

Marchesa Anastasia Ferrari di Collesape
Former Bolshoi ballerina. Present day romantic, whose narrow perfection of featureS - whose lift and length of spine and straight set of small neat head recall the ravissements of the Renaissance
Photography: Elisabetta Catalano


Jean Shrimpton in Cardin 
photographed by Richard Avedon
Vogue April 1970 

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