Thursday, July 21, 2011


ready to start
arcade fire

the emperor wears no clothes
ben somoroff

For a girl (as every last little one of them knows by women's intuition), it is never too early to begin to become beautiful.

All the kids have always known

That the emperor wears new clothes

If I was scared 

I would

And if I was pure 
You know I would

Petite provence:the country cottons
photography: ben somoroff
harper's bazaar june 1961

and if i was yours

Suzanne Pleshette 
Melvin Sokolsky
But I'm not

now i'm ready to start
bh wragge

norman norell

china machado in gustave tassell

photography: richard avedon
Harper's Bazaar June 1961

Carmel Snow

Carmel Snow, our editor from 1932 - 1958 has been a legend in her time.  Her unpredictable and beguiling Irish wit, the dignity and chic of her presence came to epitomize the world of fashion in all its capitals. Her authority was spirited, prophetic and absolute. Her many awards, including the Legion d'honneur and the Ordine della Stella della Solidarieta Italiana, could not measure her contribution. Beyond all was her almost mystical intuition with people; her ability to bypass barriers in her search for the gifted - writers, photographers, editors, artists, designers - and to kindle them towards excellence. This, and much more, is her legacy to us.

Princess Lee Radziwell

an infinitely romantic brunette of American birth, who lives in London with her husband and two children. Sister of Jacqueline Kennedy wears a jeweled bolero by Givenchy.

Mrs. Loel Guinness

a true international with unique dash and infinite chic. Born in Mexico and married to an Englishman, she speaks - with superb timbre - many languages and lives in complete harmony with the world.

Vizcondesa de Villa Miranda

caught up in the turbulent rhythms of the flamenco,her impassioned feeling for the dance radiantly apparent. The Vizcondessa, a delicious beauty on a visit from Madrid, wears her own Rodrigues coat twisting around her in flashes of black and white brilliants, pearl beads and diamante.

Harper's Bazaar June 1961
Photography: Richard Avedon


summer frost: white
white lace jacket over chartreuse chiffon topped dress
Ceil Chapman

The Summer Chic of Coats
black embroidered white cotton eyelet coat

The Stripe of Summer
gray on vanilla  

Photography: Melvin Sokolsky

Organdie in white with black by Rosalie Macrini

summer exposure: the bared foot
Hiro Wakabayashi

From the Italian Beach
Carmen Dell'Orefice
Bell bottom pants, like an upended exclamation point

Givenchy:Summertime Translations

Midsummer night make-up:the moon and the magic
coiffure: Mr. Kenneth
Saul Leiter

In the cool of jade
high-key jade -newest color refreshment in the neighborhood of summer sleep by Lucie Ann
Saul Leiter

Ready to Start

"All glory,"wrote Eugene F. Ware in 1895,"comes from daring to begin."

Any of these three astronauts might have been chosen the first American to rocket through the troposphere and the stratosphere into the ionosphere, to become the hero of what T.S.Eliot defined as "a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate." Commander Shepard was. Captain Grissom and Lieutenant Colonel Glenn will be.

Avedon: Observation on Heroes
Harper's Bazaar June 1961

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