Sunday, July 7, 2013


surf's up!

red and white checked suit, helmut and boots - "an outfit so buoyant it literally floats by itself" 

Bill Silano photograph

real red knits
antonio lopez

accelerate with real red knits
illustrations: antonio lopez

snap ... giant white t's squared twice, front and back by Kimberly

the paper dress "new far reaches of fashion for the individualist on the beach,when entertaining,to simply fold up when travelling." At left, the paper wrap, forefront, the asymmetric toga. Designs by Sven Lukin

the paper shoe ...

Shoes designed by Kathryn Stoll for Herbert Levine
Hiro Wakabayashi photographs

dress ... "electric light - to switch on the electric dress, new super-voltage fashion to dance the night away unrivaled in any darkened place. A shiny leather-like mini, bare shoulder black swung from strips of straps; slashed open at regular intervals to power-patches that light up from within at the dictates of a battery belt. By Diana Dew
Bill Silano photograph

"a sterling silver earshield, thin and weightless as an eggshell, bold and dazzling as armour, punctured by the flash of a single, miniscule diamond." By Paco Rabanne

Guy Bourdin photograph

collar scarlet-ringed and standing at attention on navy full-flaring coat over a red-yoked dress by Seymour Fox. Background, the rising collar with gilded chain and buttons by Barberini

the modernist dress in grey flannel by Geoffrey Beene

the whittled tweed redigote by Bill Blass for Maurice Retner
James Moore Photographs

"What's ahead for the hand, in years to come: the paisley nail - a work of art for the artful gesture by painter Michael Horn."
prescient ...

"Paris' wildest notion: suspended motion. Quicksilver bars gleaming coldly against warm skin - superbly tooled fittings for fluid silks. To hang from the same hardware, a dozen body-molding dresses switched on and off." By Georges Manzon
think of the possibilities

ain't no mountain high enough...
Michael Oster plastic globe rings

"Paris flirtation of a scarlet organza hood touching bare shoulders, buckling with diamonds." By Lanvin
Frank Horvat photograph

Harper's Bazaar July 1967
The Way To Send Up Rockets 
For The Finest Fourth Ever
Photography: Bill Silano
eye on the sixties at devootcom

point the way with paisley nails
cut out in paper shoes
switch to an electric dress
accelerate with real red knits
blast off with star spangled eyes
no problem.
arrive in time for cocktails on the rings of neptune.

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