Thursday, July 18, 2013


The Great Ball Court of Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Mayans were great sportsmen and built enormous ballcourts to play  their games. The Great Ball Court of Chichen Itza,the largest and finest found at  225 feet wide, and 545 feet long; remains one of the enigmas of ancient times.

With continuous walls and no ceiling, rather - left open to the sky, a whisper at one end of the court may be heard clearly at the opposite end as well as the entire length and breadth of the court. Sound waves within are not affected by wind direction, time of day, or time of night.

In the early 30's this 'whispering gallery' attracted Leopold Stokowski to try and determine its acoustic principals that might be applied to theatre for an open-air concert he was embarking on.  He failed to find the secret which has never been explained.

Chester Weinberg

Rikki for Sport Trio

Fernando Sanchez for Revillon 




Malcolm Starr


Mollie Parnis


Rikki for Sport Trio


Christian Dior - New York

Hannah Troy

Fashion at the Zenith of the Sun
Vogue December 1968
Photography: Henry Clarke

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