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The 'It' Girl
Penelope Tree

The brown snakeskin weskit from the Salvation Discoteque covers a throat-banded white crepe shirt by Abacadabra. The feature that packs a punch: hand-harnesses by Maison de Fou.

Photography: Bert Stern

The woman
 Ira von Furstenberg

Ira von Furstenberg, former sister-in-law of Diane von Furstenberg who married Ira's brother Egon - together forming one  of the most glamourous couples of the international social set during the seventies.

The perfect piece for the sophisticated woman. A soft-pink crepe jumpsuit unadorned but for the Hattie Carnegie diamante chains wrapped at the waist. Crepe was a delicious fabric for making the casual - sensational.

The ostrich feathered trim on the matching crepe wrap makes the ultimate statement.

By Bill Blass for Maurice Retner

Check out the ring - a real knucklebuster by Van Rouge

With a pedigree as long as her toned arm, Ira von Furstenberg bares a golden waist draped in Tiffany sea dragons. Strung out on gold chains, the jewelled dragons are Tiffany limited editions by Donald Claflin - a genius at creating designs that were whimsical as well as precious.

Photography: Gianni Penati

More body-enhancing accessories...
the great whirling earrings in mylar by Vince Pasacane. Silver beaded tassels slung from a silver sliver circlet belt by Evelyne Desbrueres
Ablaze on vermillion by Danskin, Maison de Fou earrings, Vendome bangles, Ruza Creations tassel belts and Sona The Golden One finger and hand harnesses.

Photography: Bert Stern

Such a feminine work of art by Malcolm Starr. Lavender, pink, and green beaded flowers on a white crepe mini dress. Underneath,  silvery pantyhose.

Every bit as current for today's formal occasion, faux pearls and gems scattered over the empire bodice of a Sarmi pink silk dress ribboned in green velvet. Great earrings by Richard Palan add just the right touch of innocence. The pearly tasselled anklet by Van Rouge.

Photography: Gianni Penati

Pretty Pretty

Vreeland describes it as "salvias of scarlet on thin green stems." George Halley white silk dress folded into pleats that bounce free from a high waistband. The earrings by Charles Elkaim. Marvella pearly globes on the finger. Twiggy's lightly-line the lower eyelashes.

Prettier Still

Knock-out backline and applique blossoms cover embroidered silk organza caught with a mint-green sash. A perfect mini by George Halley. Jack Gilbert earrings and a coiffure by Ara Gallant add the finishing touch to a vision of femininity.

Austrian Beauty Marisa Mell

"Schoolgirl Romantic" from George Halley. Full-skirted evening dress in lacy navy with white embroidery. The high collar, shirtcuffs buttoned in rhinestones, and a deep band at the hemline - all in white organdie.

Tiny empire top of navy blue lace deeply rounded in the front and back. The navy satin sash separates the bodice from the long float of navy and white printed silk embroidered in lacy glitter. By George Halley.

You can't beat a simple white sheath. This one by Helga, in white crepe with sparkly straps and a high waist trimmed the same. The narrow line has a high slit and bare top. Jewelled handstrap and rings on her toes by Van Rouge.

Photography: Bert Stern

The Prettiest
Catherine Deneuve

For decades, there was no one prettier, and for decades, prettier dresses have been hard to find. Deneuve is swaddled in polka dots and scallops on silk organdie trimmed with a low-slung sash of black satin. By Antonnia.


Dotted black organdie with a pinafore of fin-fanned ruffles caught up in a wide black belt.

Photography: David Bailey

Penelope Tree in ruffle-fresh white organdie collar and cuffs over a black leotard by Danskin and an Adolfo white organdie skirt. The collar and cuffs by Glentex. The wide-brimmed Baku hat by Adolfo. 

Photography: Bert Stern

The Greek Boy Look
Heavy black silk crepe with a deep plunge and a ring buckled high on the waist by Jacques Tiffeau for Tiffeau & Busch.

Early Lauren Hutton in grass-green knit wrapped and belted with sparklers. Junior Sophisticates

The long and short of it

Lauren Hutton in Jacques Tiffeau... right, brown on the move by John Kloss for Henri Bendel

White silk coquetry crunched with organdie ruching and bits of embroidery. Very very short for the very very long legs that exemplify the dictate: The hemline is dependent upon you - and on your legs!

Vogue's Eye View: Hemlines - Suit Your Legs
Photography: Bert Stern

The Fabulous Face
Marina Schiano
Gold chains by Bergere
Photography: Gene Laurents

Vogue March, 1968
Hemlines - Suit Your legs
David Bailey
Gianni Penati
Bert Stern

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