Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Asuncion Bastida
Embroidered bolero - jet on tulle

Evening Boleros - wrapped and dipped

The bolero, high in front, low in back, wraps the waist, ties in a bow


Long sweep of white ottoman faille with a strapped decolletage; a matador's short bolero, both richly embroidered in gold

Elio Berhanyer

Tiers of black lace ruffles over the bodice of a  high-waisted evening dress of white silk velvet. The finishing touch, a great triangular stole of black lace ruffles

Pedro Rodriguez

Floor-length evening coat of black lace embroidered in jet beads and black paillettes, narrow to the knees, then whooshed out in two great flounces.

The romance and bravura, the elegance and allure of Spanish Fashion
Photography: Henry Clarke

Anouk Aimee in Glans

Turquerie Pyjamas, beige silk harem pants with pink and orange inserts over a blouson halter of beige chiffon

Persian pyjamas

Turquoise -blue stones fretted with silver embroidery over bias-cut white crepe pyjamas

Tunic-pant Evening Pyjamas

A great spill of silk gauze skirting both legs at a double sweep

Zouave Pyjamas

A contrast of purple and mimosa knitted wool weave balloons at the ankle

Italian Pyjamas

Stripes of op art in wide bands of yellow and orange knitted wool

Italian Boutiques:
Where the Wild Pyjamas Are
Photography: Henry Clarke

...eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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