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NEW IN '62

Anthony Perkins and The American Boy Look
...surrounded by the Mademoiselle staff

Dave Brubeck

Brubeck and the Real American Jazz

Mitchell Wilson

Mitchell Wilson and The Real American Writing

Leontyne Price

One of the three great names in opera

Laroche's tortoise-shell headband. Belts - back  with a bang! 
Ricci - Cardin - Dior

New Diorism - Square Suit jacket and matchbox skirt. Low, wide and handsome belt sits on the hipbone. Tres Bohan:cocky calotte in red straw.
Middle: Dior's box shape reprised and trouser pressed in black and white houndstooth checks.
Right: The Princesse'd reefer with militant epaulets, welted seams, deep-slit sides. Ricci round sunglasses.

Seventh Avenue
Top: Patricia Goldman, fashion director of Ridgway, Hirsch and French, the St. Louis ad agency. Below Left, Julie Buddy, account executive with Fletcher Richards, Calkins and Holden, New York. Below right, fashion illustrator, Barbara Fox whose big break came with Bendel's.

Fashion's Fashion: Very Chanel by Junior Aire

The Fashion Life: Los Angeles

Barbara Bartos, assistant fashion director at California Fashion Creators, at the Farmer's Market, wears a California Girl hip-banded back-zipped beige skimese.

Barbara Bartos at UCLA wears Rugged Chic - a V-necked beige cardigan slouched over a  beige silk shirt by Lady Hathaway. The pleated beige and white checked skirt by Milliken.

Fashion's Fashion: twenty-four-hour ruffles

Cocktail ruffling dancing down the front of a sky-blue Bernard Levine shift.

Fashions Fashion: something simple after five

"The legend is that you can tell a fashion tycoon by counting her bracelets - four at least. Other apocrypha: sunglasses even in the rain, a purse big as a Gladstone bag. But the real markings are far more subtle. At a cocktail party,for instance, no globs of glitter, bumptious skirts or bumptious decolletages. What's more likely, simple stuff: a Chanelish suit, a silk sweater, a little something of a shift."

Anne Swedmark of the Ford Model Agency in Ulla. Anne, about to leave for Ford, Paris, tries out her French on Bob Wise who sells houses on New York's gilt-edged east side. 

Phyllis Hall dotted loud and clear in Kasper.
Janet Verdi, wife and publicist for husband Robert Verdi's Salon wears O'Brien Morris.

On the left, Ruth Barr, of the Regina Ovesey Advertising Agency, wearing the shift and hat she chose at Jax. Noel Lambert wears a white mohair knitted shift by Boepple with a Trifari pin of fake pearls and sapphires.

Photography: Maria Martel - photographed in her New York City Townhome

What The Experts Are Wearing

Dorothy Swartz of Jantzen Jr. in Toni Owen

Mademoiselle March 1962
Susan Greenburg
Maria Martel
Jack Robinson

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