Thursday, June 26, 2014


Michele Entratter on the Vegas Strip with her father, Jack Entratter.

Jack Entratter, a driving force behind the Sands Hotel on the original Las Vegas Strip, booked New York's Copacabana Room prior to being lured out west to create one of the hottest entertainment spots in the country.

His nineteen-year-old daughter, Michele, a Fine Arts student at Briarcliffe College, grew up a Princess of Las Vegas.

Michele after-hours at Briarcliffe, hanging out in a Ulla Turtleneck tunic.

Riding in chamois cotton and wool by Lady Van Heusen

Michele, Sammy Davis, Jr. and wife May Britt at the Rex Bell Western Wear shop in Las Vegas.

Setting up exercises at the Sands pool with two lifeguards.

Michele walks the line in Bill Blass for Maurice Retner. A classic full-length white two-piece under a crimson cape.

Beautiful and privileged, Michele Entratter

Today her son, David Entratter Wolkoff, enjoys a similarly rarified, deeply fashionable life  with  his beautiful wife, Stephanie Winston (that Winston) Wolkoff - President and CEO of SWW Creative, New York. They are a Beautiful couple.

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Harper's Bazaar September 1963
Photography: Jeanloup Sieff
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