Monday, June 9, 2014


The Maillot
a swimming shapemaker in heather jersey
Maurice Handler of California
Photography: Scavullo

Brian Wilson - the Warmth of the Sun

Nursery Looks
white jersey sun shift over yellow-checked jersey tights
Masket Brothers

Tropical, Topical White
white knitted playsuit sashed with tricolor

"Ski" Pants:
News on the Beach
white cotton jersey matching a waist-length pull-over

"Ski" pants on the Beach
white jersey knitted with Lastex to insure the cling
Queen Casuals

The Swimming Jerseys
Olive green jersey knitted in front and joined to skintight pants
Photography: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Sheath Dresses Sailing Into Summer
The Sheath, sweatered, plaided beige and white under a cashmere sweater banded to match.
Vera Stewart

Swimming Sweater
Stripes, wool knitted with Lastex for a close non-sweatery fit

Igor Stravinsky

Photographed in his Beverly Hills garden as he works on Agon

Asked if he ever uses ink instead of a pencil on his compositions, he replies, "the only time I use ink is to sign a cheque."

Photography: Sanford H. Roth

Coin Dots
Shirtwaist of black-and-white dotted cotton, full-skirted, belted in black. By Jerry Gilden

Photography: Francesco Scavullo

On Their Way: The Clothes the Cars

Afternoon-cum-evening sheath of heavy silk - crushed blue kidskin belt as strictly 1957 as the car it travels by - Chrysler's "Imperial Southampton."

Photography: Gleb Derujinsky

How High The Heel for Summer?

Beauty and the Beach
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Summer Evenings

A more-than-full-length evening dress in pure white chiffon with just a hint of a train sashed low on the hips with a length of black chiffon that trails back in panels at the back.
Photography: Lillian Bassman

Harper's Bazaar June 1957
This Summer's Playclothes
Lillian Bassman
Gleb Derujinsky
Sanford H.Roth
Francesco Scavullo
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

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