Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Carmen Dell'Orifice
Edwardian Mannered Pale linen from Lilli Ann
Straw hat from Hattie Carnegie

Carmen Dell'Orifice
Roughspun Tweed by William Devitz
Padre Hat by Dior New York

Wool Sharkskin by Seymour Fox
Hattie Carnegie Straw Breton

Ruth Neumann
Houndstooth Checks dandified by Hattie Carnegie
Hattie Carnegie Straw Beret

Not For Men Only
The Cutaway by Harmony
Moygashel Irish Linen

The Precision Tailored Chanel Suit
Translated by Davidow
Pepper-and-salt tweeded silk
Harper's Bazaar
December 1958
Photography: Gleb Derujinsky

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up your ear said...

Let me tell you a little story about those pictures! The "Cat" belonged to a man named Boris Said. He was an all around eccentric, if you will. He raced cars, and new how to hook up with anyone and everyone. At one time he dated Ally McGraw. and for interest purposes, she later ran Mel Sokolsky's studio! If you look you will find that Boris aka Bobby Said has a son, who no surprise, races cars today, or as of the recent years. Bobby Said and my Mother Ruth Neumann became life long friends. He passed away a few years before Ruth aka Derujinsky. The image with the woman with the slanted glance at the "Kitty" is Miss Ruth! My mom!