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Gia Carangi
Hair - Sergio Valente

Childish Gambino 3005

Helmut Newton's Adventures in Diamonds ... in Monte Carlo

Harry Winston's chandelier necklace of pear, round, and marquise stones. Gentleman's ring with a 13.57-carat emerald-cut rose diamond.

Harry Winston
Oscar de la Renta

Left: Necklace of 76 oval-shaped stones totalling 62.94 carats. Perfectly matched heart-shaped earrings totaling 16.5 carats.

Right:  Chandelier earrings - 35.93 carats of pear-shaped stones. Flawless 30.99 carat emerald-cut ring, slightly pink in color.  26-carat bracelet of square stones.

Hotel de Paris
Van Cleef and Arpels
Giorgio Sant'Angelo

Foreground: V-shaped necklace with round and pear-shaped diamonds. The drop earrings: 23 carats of pear-shaped diamonds. A 10-carat marquise solitaire.

Rear: 20-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant suspended from an 18-inch diamond necklace.

Bulgari - Danaos

Top: Flawless 17.48-carat oval stone. Heart-shaped 7.03-carat solitaire.

Bottom: Flawless pear-shaped 28.48-carat diamond.

Harry Winston's Bicentennial Diamond
"The Star of Independence"

Flawless pendant, pear-shaped, almost 76 carats. The ring, a flawless oval 20.03-carats. Heart-shaped earrings. Yves Saint Laurent Couture.

Solitaires by Gerard

31-carat emerald cut; 16-carat pear shape; 13-carat pear shape; 22-carat marquise shape; 27-carat flawless cushion cut.

Angela Cummings of Tiffany

Necklace of fantasy-shaped sea-shells. 645 white diamonds set in 18k gold and platinum.


Aqua Suit

Halston Limited Edition Beachwear
Giorgio Sant'Angelo's "Wonder Woman"

Jane Fonda

Patty Hansen
Kae Yoshida

Patty Hansen
Ralph Lauren

Oscar de la Renta

Geoffrey Beene


Grosvenor Canada
Stephen Burrows

Grosvenor's white mink jacket over Stephen Burrow's black evening dress.

Natural Furs Ltd.

Canadian Shadow Fox with racoon inserts.

A Season of Options
Photography: Arthur Elgort
Fitness Fonda Style
Photography: Arthur Elgort
Furs With Something Extra
Photography: Stan Malinowski
To Catch a Diamond ...
Photography: Helmut Newton
To Catch The Sun...
Photography: Helmut Newton
Vogue December 1979

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