Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sophia Loren

Charles Elkhaim

Walt Stiel Knickers
Herbert Levine Boots
David Webb Pin

The Gift of Needlepoint
Needlepoint shoes designed by Margaret Lane for Harper's Bazaar

Emme Helmut
Handbag by Ingber

Black Cashmere Halter by Braemar
Pants by Cuddlecoat
Calderon Belt
Charles Elkaim Bracelet

Astral Assymetry by Sea B's

The Mondrian Suit
Cole of California

Robert Sloane
Silver tweed sweater 
Jean Schlumberger bracelet

Shirt and Pants - Robert Sloane
Herbert Levine Skates

Silver quilted suit by PRL

Arnold Scassi 

Harry Winston diamond rings

Silver nightgown by Eve Stillman


Blush pink silk crepe


Heavy white silk dinner dress


Black brocade apron whipped around a full brocade skirt and shaped white satin bodice.


Cashmere sweater-dress, charcoal grey bodice, deep black skirt and matching cardigan.

Snow Cone

A crazy cone of Mongolian lamb - a cape by George Kaplan.
Pin by Tiffany
Eyes by Pablo Manzoni for Elizabeth Arden

Emeric Partos for Bergdorf Goodman

Beige Broadtail trimmed with Tourmaline Emba natural pale beige mink. Toque by Halston of Bergdorf's. Herbert Levine boots.

The Siren in Sable 

Designed by Maximilian in Russian Crown Sable

The Minx in Mink

A dazzle of counterfeit diamonds running circles around a coat of Umpa black-dyed mink by Emeric Partos for Bergdorf Goodman.

Eyes by Francoise Letellier

Christmas of Diamonds and Silver
Gifts of the East
The Fabled Furs of Christmas
Shape Measures
Harper's Bazaar December 1965
Richard Avedon
Art Kane
Gene Laurents
Melvin Sokolsky

... eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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