Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Mesh Helmut by Emme

Latinas Platform Sandal

A net of chain strapped 'round the ankle

Pierre Cardin

Top - the breastplate ribbing of a little black dress.

Below - white patent sandal strapped above a silver heel.


Lacquer grape space-age cape reveals a matching cire swimsuit.

Arnold Scassi

Silk sari cloth of shining panels of ruby red with embroidery of golden threads.


Laquer red tri-corner fringed shawl over a sleeveless jumpsuit.


Black net skirt ribboned in satin, over straight black silk crepe pants. White organza top, embroidered with silver on the sleeves, buttoned to the collar with diamante.


Knife-pleated chiffon shadows the leg, a black silk crepe tunic wraps across one shoulder with the slim rounded elegance of a toga.


Light wool dinner dress spills straight from the shoulders in serpentine sea patterns of beige and white.

Samuel Winston

Crystal beads and silver stones flash on an open network of organza.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta
Mimi di N necklace

Geoffrey Beene

Fernando Sanchez for Revillon

Long hooded black fox cape fanned with black and white cock feathers.

White Stag

One-of-a-kind patchwork robe of gold and purple passementarie embroidered in lace and lame. Buttoned once at the neck, the robe flares open at the waist over a patchwork quilt wrap skirt ablaze in orange and red. By Three Worlds - to order at Fantasia. Tassled belt and tapestry saddle by Serai Imports.

Anne Klein
Mr. John Hat

Dominique Rompollo for Teal Traina

Yards of silk organza burnished with the colors of a desert sunset.

Emme Headpiece

Christmas: Let The Spirit Shine
Harper's Bazaar December 1969
Bill King
James Moore
Alberto Rizzo
Hiro Wakabayashi

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