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Sunrise at the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok

"A softly eased sheath of white jersey comes winging in via two flying panels that start at the slit hemline, continue into the back decolletage." By Anna Miller

Near Ayutthaya, Thailand, the centuries-old Buddhas sit deep in the lush vegetation. A straight and sleeveless dress of red-flowering silk surah. Its panel resembling folded wings. By Edward Abbott.

Transparent in Hong Kong

On a junk in Hong Kong Harbor, a graceful cowl-collared shirt and finely pleated skirt in white crepe wrapped, Oriental fashion, in bright pink and red printed silk. By Peter Hedges.

Below: Coral feathers printed on silky cotton. A loose overblouse with a drawstring neckline and matching shorts by Tina Leser.

A silky cotton printed with sprigs of fieldflowers gathered with a lavender belt. By Jane Derby.

Heading to Ceylon in a brightly flowered silk cardigan over a sleeveless white dress skirted in pleats. By Kasper.

Lantern-shopping on Delhi, India. The white flannel bateau-necked overblouse easing on to a pleated skirt. Haymaker.

"In Jaipur, saris, freshly dyed and held out to dry make a colorful background for another overblouse - sky blue with a little bow-tied collar. By Kort Lee.

At the observatory at Jaipur, India, a sleek white Arnel sharkskin suit. The sleeveless cardigan straightly dropped over slim pants, by Tabak of California.

TWA posters at the foot of the Acropolis. The dress, an easy front-buttoned chemise in checked brass green and white. By Jerry Gilden

On the hill of the Acropolis, a Harmay white silk dress caught at the waist in beige suede. A coat of oatmeal tweed at the ready. White leather Breton by Emme.

Japan - a shrine in Nara, a dress in natural silk pongee. The low-waisted overblouse line is double-breasted and bound with raw silk. By B.H.Wragge.

In Nara park, the tame deer roam at will. The dress is beige silk chiffon dropped over a matching crepe slip and lightly bloused over a beige satin belt. 

Flamenco in Madrid
La Cave de Luis Candeles

A white matte jersey dinner dress, bateau neckline in front, looped cowl in the back. By Jonny Herbert

Photographer Gleb Derujinsky perched, camera poised on a Bangkok roof. 

Travelling with his wife, model Ruth Newman, fashion editor Bruce Clarke, and his assistant Minoru Ooka, Derujinsky photographed the fashions above during a whirlwind twenty-five day excursion.

Round-the-World Fashion:
HB's Flying Odyssey
Harper's Bazaar January 1958
Photography: Gleb Derujinsky
Model: Ruth Newman

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