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Dinner cap made for Dior by John Frederics

A twisted diamond cord on a black ostrich helmet ... on the glove, a twining diamond and emerald lily. Accessories - 25 ways to work a little magic.

Ben Gam 

Orange-sashed beige shantung dress with an added second sash of mauve Italian silk by Brooke Cadwallader, fastened with a long-stalked daisy pin of gold, diamonds and sapphires

Adele Simpson

The Cape Back is Back

Maurice Retner

The Jib Jacket 

Spring Walks In

Newton Elkin

Van Arden

Hattie Carnegie

Dark Dress - Caramel Complements.  
Bag and bracelets by Cartier.

Christian Dior 

As a fanciful version of the king of the beasts, Christian Dior puts his head in the lion's mouth.

The Ball of Kings and Queens: Comte Etienne de Beaumont held a great costume ball in his magnificent house in Paris. The occasion was the coming of age of his nephew, Comte Henri de Beaumont. The guests came dressed as kings and queens.

Elsa Schiaparelli

Disguised as the queen bee, Mme. Elsa Schiaparelli swarms with Baron Alexis Rede, as Alexander III of Russia.

Jacques Fath

Designer Jacques Fath is Charles IX, of the St. Bartholomew massacre, accompanied by Mme. Fath as his queen, Elizabeth of Austria.

The Ball of Kings and Queens
Photographs by Jean Moral

A matter



Harper's Bazaar March 1949
Lillian Bassman
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Karen Radkai
Jean Moral

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