Thursday, August 7, 2014


Kodachrome by Munkacsi

Detachable hoop sleeves with mink cuffs, on a short white pique evening dress.

Black - With One White Glove
Christian Dior-New York
Photograph: Lillian Bassman

The perfect short black dress with the sailor collar hind-side-fore and a deep decolletage in back. Harry Winston diamonds.

Mollie Parnis
Photograph: Genevieve Naylor

A stick of black pique - the straight town dress.

Christian Dior
Kodachrome by Avedon

Dior's heavenly winged cap in potato-white straw with brow band in rust grosgrain.


Seen during luncheon at the Pavillon Restaurant, a fitted coat of black ottoman, buttoned almost to the hem - which means you can wear it as a dress as well as over one.

Harvey Berin
Photograph: Lillian Bassman at Le Pavillon

A strapless, plummet-straight sheath of black linen, the deep-pointed decolletage cuffed in black velvet and half veiled to a drifting stole of white eyelet. 

Linen Towel - Leron
Kodachrome - Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Harper's Bazaar April 1950
Beauty Issue
Richard Avedon
Lillian Bassman
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Martin Munkacsi

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