Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hooded Mongolian Lamb Parka by Revillon

Umpa Natural White Mink by Betty Yokova for Neustadter
Halston Hat
Andrew Geller White Mink boots

Winter-evening Cape
Ben Reig

Silver Sequin Gloves
Viola Weinberger

Russian Ermine Halter-top Dress
Donald Brooks for Coopchick Forrest
Sequin Blouse
Sportswear Couture
Adolfo Helmut
Viola Weinberger Gloves

Long Dress, Mink-cuffed Jacket

Hannah Troy White Brocade
Adolfo Crusader's Helmut

Eric Lund Silk Taffeta Coat
Halston Glace Chiffon Hat

White Mink Pea Jacket
Bill Blass for Revillon

Mink with Buttons of Beads and Fringe 
White Mink Kerchief-cap by Emme
White Mink Boots by Andrew Geller
Pavion Expansion Necklace

Tunic Embroidered in Glitter over White Silk Satin Pants
 Ceil Chapman

Coat of White Ostrich Feathers by George Kaplan
Rounded White Space-Hennin by Halston

Photographed by John Cowan in "the silent brilliance of Resolute Bay, on Cornwallis Island in the Arctic Circle."

McGregor Parka and Ski Pants 
Lily Dache Lynx Hood

Shaggy Pure-Pink Fake Fur Poncho by McGregor 

Emilio Pucci for White Stag
Adolfo Hat

Vogue's Eye View: The Girl Who Went Out In The Cold
Photography: John Cowan
Skiing - At The Top
Photography: Peter Beard
Vogue November 1964

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