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The Sorcery of the Late-Late Dress

Virgo sheltered in Silver
Kasper for Joan Leslie

Liquid Gold for Midnight Aquarians

Lame poured to a body-aware dress with jewel-encrusted neckline and sleeves by Larry Aldrich


Bridal pure evening dress hooded in a great cuff of shiny sequins
shaped like moonlight to surround the face. A soft flow of white silk jersey with long, loose-sleeves banded and patterned in diamond shapes with full skirt draped luxuriously as only silk jersey can achieve.

Norell's Tunic shirt at Nightfall

Paved in brilliants as light on moving water, and as fluid. The high-collared tunic's hem and sleeves are bordered in square-cut mirrors: the waist, touched with a white satin sash.

Pisces Bathed in Radiance

Fathoms of sequins - under the planetary influence of Neptune - shimmery white with cross currents of deep brown by Anne Fogarty.

For Gemini, a Brilliance of Contradictory Forces.

Magic Cat's eyes glistening with emeralds competing with a flutter of ostrich feathers - boa, cuffs, hem. A dress that tantalizes with its dual character - like a Rousseau painting. All sophistication and naivete in printed velvet by George Halley.

Planetary Influence: The Moon

Crescents of topaz on white satin by Gustave Tassell

 Libra's Sense of Balance
Grace with Lace

Brown semi-see-through overblouse ruffling at the sashed waist of a voluminous pettipoint silk and worsted skirt. By Harvey Berin

Roman Intrique

Orchid-Pink crepe with gentle angel wings sweeping from deep bracelets of crystal by Eleanora Garnett. The Gentleman, Antonello Aglioti.

Scorpio Rising

Cool and covered. A high-belted shirting of ice-gold net. Splashed with swirls of beads and drizzled glisteners by Malcolm Starr.

Para-Paisley Pervading

Gauzy flame lace with gilt tongues of light. The raised empire waist, flickered with jewelled chains. Neckline, wrist and hem, scalloped with glimmering rims. By Bill Blass for Maurice Retner.

The Clairvoyant Jewels

The Future in the Palm of Your Hands

Trifari Snake charming ring and golden serpent cuff bracelets sparkling with rhinestones and mock cabochon ruby eyes.

The Zodiac Jewel

Signs circling the arm in enameled gold. The face of Virgo, Capricorn's goat, the cherub twins of Gemini, Aquarius' water bearer, the bul of Taurus, from David Webb's collection of twelve bracelets that make up the well-jewelled year.

La Dolce Vita Beauty

The Sunburst Plunge
Irene Galitzine


The Violet Chrysalis necklaced in gold encasing the body in brilliants.

The Gilded Tunic

Like soft and airy chain mail, feathered with tinsel, ornamented with gold and orange baubles. Festooned with necklaces and chains of gold and coral.

Sybil Connolly

Donald Davies

The Signs of the Times
Ellen Troy for Hudson

Extravagant Court Shoes  

With a sign of the Zodiac to know you by.
Edouard Jerrold

Donald Claflin of Tiffany

A Lion in Winter

A thousand feline eyes sparked forth in jewels on the silken folds of a feather-print dress. Coq and Marabou ruffle the throat, cuffs and hem. By George Halley.

The Cult of the Zodiac
Harper's Bazaar October 1968
Neal Barr
Hiro Wakabayashi

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