Sunday, April 27, 2014


The New Boeing 747

Great cloak 
Lisa Spain

Fawn jersey Cossack suit 
Michael Fish) Mr. Fish, London

Blades of London

Carlo Pallazi

Primary-coloured fine silk shirt in abstract tree design, frilled button cuffs and deep collar. Shiny velvet waistcoat - black snakeskin belt, red and green silk brocade trousers in oriental pattern.
Blades, Burlington Gardens, London

 Norfolk jacket-inspired sand-coloured silk tunic shirt
Yellow on white art nouveau patterned silk neck square
Turnbull and Asser

Cream snakeskin belt - deco rising sun brass buckle
Blades, London

Pale green trousers with yellow windowpane overchecks
Mr. Fish, London

Cream woll wide-brimmed hat
Herbert Johnson, London

White silk trench shirt
Beige and white rope-stranded brass-buckled belts
Turnbull and Asser

Silver-grey trousers with white chalk stripes
Green and brown optic design long silk scarf worn as a hatband
Mr. Fish

Cotton wide-brimmed hat
Herbert Johnson 

Yellow and white floral-design cotton brocade version of the Norfolk suit. 
Blades, London

Silk ascot, green cotton hat with white band and brim binding
Herbert Johnson, London

Our Man In Manhattan
Harper's Bazaar and Queen October 1970
Photography: Art Kane
Photographed in the trophy room of his studio in Carnegie Hall

... eyes on the seventies at devodotcom

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