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Bryan Ferry ... as time goes by

"Hundreds of artists have been hung on Marilyn Monroe ever since she died five years ago (including Dali, De Kooning, Lindner, Rauschenberg, and 38 other greats who participated in an Homage to Marilyn show at the Janis Gallery in New York last month.

Perhaps none has been more preoccupied with the image of Marilyn, however, than photographer Bert Stern who, through a quirk of fate, became the last man to photograph her.

Stern's portraits of Marilyn, shot at the Bel Air Hotel in Hollywood on June 21st,1962, are classic and have been published time and again.

'Still, I have never been entirely satisfied with them,'says Stern.

'Because of photography's technical limitations, they never quite communicated the dazzling image of Marilyn that existed in my mind's eye at the time I photographed her.'

As a result, over the past five years Stern has been experimenting with various new techniques that would enable him to capture and preserve the image of Marilyn he saw at the time he photographed her.

Just this past fall he hit upon the answer: an amalgam of the dramatic technique of serigraphy and the blazing colors of Day-Glo ink."

The editors of Avant Garde present Bert Stern's phantasmagoric vision of Marilyn Monroe

A portfolio of serigraphic prints by Bert Stern
Avant Garde 2
Photography: Bert Stern

... eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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