Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Schoeneman Oxford-weave Dacron and Cotton Blazers
Ascots By Dumont
Photography: Reid Miles

Reid Miles was a graphic designer and photographer best known as the  prolifically creative designer of album covers for the jazz record label Blue Note.  Miles designed hundreds of  L.P. covers for Blue Note often using co-founder Francis Wolff's edgy photography. His incorporation of novel modern graphics, standing alone or alongside the photographs, complemented the modern feel and sound of mid- century jazz.

John Coltrane, Lou Donaldson, Kenny Burrell, Sonny Rollins, Hank Mobley, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Freddy Redd, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd -  a sample of the artists produced by the label  established in 1939 and still around today. 

White Silk Suit by Sussex
x'Andrini Tie - Ashear Pocket Handkerchief

Nubby Textured Cotton Silk and Rayon Stripe Blazer by Tarra Hall

No Pockets - No Buttons
Silk paisley-lined by Le Baron

Society Brand Lightweight Wool Jacket
Beau Brummell Tie - Ashear Handkerchief

Tropical Gardens of the Royal Victoria Hotel
Plaid Dacron & Cotton Jacket with  Satin Shawl Collar by Lord West 

Monyagu Beach Hotel, Nassau
White-on-charcoal Hooded Pullover & Swim Shorts - Catalina

Cotton duck trunks by Surf Boy

This fabric was a great summer standard for both sexes... mattress-ticking-striped cotton - here, a slash-pocket, zip-front boating jacket with a hood-hiding collar.

Through Glasses
Knitted Nylon Tricot - New in Men's Sportswear
Shirt-jacket and matching Swim Shorts by Sun City

A Nassau Beach Boat Graveyard
Nylon Boating Jacket by Windbreaker

Nylon Pullover Boating Jacket
Zip-Neck, Kangaroo Pockets by Silton

Fine Voile and Cotton Knit Shirt-jacket by Oleg Cassini

Through the beaded curtains of a patio bar at the Lucayan Beach Hotel, Grand Bahama Island - the textured silky-tweed look of a shirt-jacket and shorts by Bronzini, New York

The Sand Striper
Random Striped Trunks by Catalina

Gentlemen's Quarterly
Nassau - Summer 1965
Photography: Reid Miles

Sailing The Sixties at devodotcom

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