Friday, February 15, 2013


Jean Patchett

David Crystal Dress
Sally Victor Hat
Photography: Erwin Blumenfeld


Mrs. Leopold Stokowski
The Former and Present Gloria Vanderbilt
 ' The Butterfly' coiffure by Michel of Helena Rubinstein
Illustration: Rene Bouche

The Week-enders
Her in Kenneth Tischler
 He in Haspel
Illustration: Rene Bouche

Mrs. Amory Carhart,Jr.
Philip Hulitar and Maximilian
Photography: John Rawlings

Salvador Dali's Royal Heart
 A honeycomb of rubies, throbs within the solid nugget-gold pericardium of Dali's Royal Heart
Photography: Irving Penn

The St. Regis Roof
Filco Dress
Weiss Rhinestone Jewellery
Photography: Karen Radkai

Vogue May 15, 1954

Eye on The Fifties at devodotcom

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