Thursday, December 6, 2012


Quick Flip

Tights by Hanes - Atelier Earring

Plexiglass Slide designed by Mears for Harper's Bazaar


Ballantyne Cashmere - Beautiful Bryans Tights
 Ice Cube Bracelet designed by Vendome for Bazaar

Slim Trim Double-knit by Mia
Vendome Plastic Bracelet

Ultraviolet Wool Knit tunics by Avagolf

Red-On-Black Wool Knit by Pab

Double-Knit Suit by Gino Paoli

Stenciled Hair Calf by Albert Alfus
Nomad Fur Scarves by Halston
Boots by Golo

Stripes of French Rabbit by Mr. Fred
Laced Leather Shoes by Nina
Tights by Hansen

Cap of Pseudo Pearls styled by Mark Traynor for Richelieu
Photography: James Moore

On The Beauty Track
Photography: Silano

Flower's Out On A Limb
Joe Eula's Leg Art

Harper's Bazaar July 1966
Wildly Lookable Legs
Hiro Wakabayashi
Hard-Edge Knits 
Frank Horvat
Animal Crackers
Gosta Peterson
Special Mystique
James Moore

Rockin' The Sixties at devodotcom

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