Saturday, December 1, 2012


The little Black Dress 1969 ... plunged and laced on a slither of jersey by Scott Barrie

Another new fashion treatment  - grommets threaded on a high waistline by thick tasselled rope

Black Linen -  Summer Exposure ... dirndl skirt with a shoulder-buttoned top by Marie McCarthy

GYPSY ... Shoulder- baring Jersey top from Act III  complements the fringed asymmetric skirt fringed to-beat-sixty by Michael Mott for Paraphernalia

The Original Bohemian Chic: Shrimpton in Rose and Violet Kabar Silk Chiffon by John Haggins

Rich and Hip ... Plush Pants and Fringed Shawl by Joan Kavanaugh

Hot Then - Hot Now ... Joan Kavanaugh Earth-Red Leather Bra-Top - Folds of Matte Jersey Hip-Slung Skirt... Chain of Crosses and Chunks of Coral at the Waist. 

Pure Cerruti ... White Wool Knit Simplicity 

Nino Cerruti, thirty-nine in sixty-nine, founded his first Cerruti boutique in Paris two-years earlier. The name Cerruti, remains synonymous with high-style and continues to be known for the quality fabrics that have been lauded since the family textile business was founded in 1881.

The Sixties: High Times

Vogue April 1969
Fashion That Brings Out The Beauty In You

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