Thursday, October 23, 2014


Van Rouge necklace  made of gilt links with the primitive glow of copper-tinged gold worn over a black Jax turtleneck sweater.

Ivory knitted sleeveless, high-necked culotte dress shaped with a five inch wide elastic and brown patent belt toggled in silver.

White knitted wool tunic dress with a cross-over V neckline and high waist by Kimberly.

In a Fort Davis pasture, Veruschka wears a one-piece dress by Domani Knits. The brown dirndl skirt, white turtleneck top, sashed and hemmed in bands of white.

White silk jersey with ruffled collar, cuffs and hemline by John Moore. The background: the Franklin Mountains, cotton fields and a salt cedar.

Murray Neimann for Hannah Troy designs crepe barness for the small of the back and upwards in sparkle-rimmed circles.

Tracked on the lonely Alpine Basin of Texas, a brown and white cotton Dalmation-spotted culotte dress and jacket by Originala.

White diamond-knit tunic shape dress with a mock turtleneck shown twice on Verushka at Monahans in the Permian Basin, once a sea - now rich with oil.

Verushka in the grama grass of Fort Davis wearing a scallop trimmed and high waisted dress by Banff. On her shoulder, a two-day-old Spanish kid.

A perfect cotton shirt dress by David Crystal with deep cuffs, side slits, and tucked bib-front.

Veruschka in front of the pool at The Greenhouse Spa, run by Neiman Marcus - now an addiction treatment centre. 

Adele Simpson white linen pointed over a bare waist and A-lined, briefly.

The bared midriff by day. Ganymede in white jersey - tiny halter top, tiny swinging skirt, bare midriff crossed with string ties. By Nan Herzlinger.

Two asymmetric slants of white matte jersey held at the shoulder and hipbone with golden crescents. By Sarff-Zumpano.

Curls of blond and white Dynel, tied and glued on one by one, by Veruschka.

Texas Surprised
Vogue April 1968
Photography: Franco Rubartelli
Model: Veruschka von Lehndorff

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