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"The belt has, in the past, been a strictly functional item - necessary but dull, varying only in width from decade to decade.
It has now has become a decorative accessory that may be used to hold up your pants, but not necessarily. The belt is now worn for its own sake - like the chain or the scarf of recent seasons - or as an accent to whatever look you're creating, be it gritty, classy or whatever. A belt is chosen for its own merits, a clear entity, and not just an adjunct to trousers."

Mustard -colored Leather with leather patches riveted all around with nail-head studs by Buckroe Country

Natural bamboo and black beads form a circle fastened by a lion's-head medallion clamp buckle by Wm. DeLillo

Double-circle buckle holds down a brown leather cowhide belt by Paris

studded-and-riveted gold-toned soft-leather belt by Village Crafts

Sueded cowhide style with a brass buckle by Paris

Double pronged with strips of brown, beige and black leather by Miller Belts

Studded black cowhide with diamond cutouts and a hefty buckle by Bechelli

Casual brown leather edged with natural-coloured braided rope by Royal London.

Belts Make it On Their Own
Gentlemen's Quarterly September 1970
Photography: Leonard Nones

... eyes on the seventies at devodotcom

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