Monday, August 8, 2011



For The Carriage Trade
Make-up by Revlon
33-carat canary sapphire, diamond and platinum petals  Schlumberger of Tiffany
Photograph Saul Leiter

Butterfly Brown
Hollywood Vassarette
Photograph Louis Faurer

Butterfly Brown
Nemo and Slack-ees
Illustration: Jane Bixby

Blackened Brown moire fur - kimono-sleeved coat of oriental calm.
Russian Broadtail by David Furs
Melvin Sokolsky

Silvery Pullover
Two-piece striped in silvery metallic threads by Eloise Curtis.
Francesco Scavullo

Gilded Shirt and Trousers
flowering green and gold brocade by Betty Carol
Francesco Scavullo

The Young Perfectionist
The Girl Who Has Everything
Pink wool and mohair coat trimmed in pale badger by Anne Fogarty
Francesco Scavullo

Carmen Dell'Orifice in strapless sheath and jacket by Scassi

Carmen Dell'Orifice - cowled and loose pullover and long slit skirt by Ceil Chapman 

Carmen Dell'Orifice in shimmering brown sequins plaided by crisscrosses by Talmack
Melvin Sokolsky's flying photographs

The Small Coiffed Head by Carita
Dress and Jewels by Dior
Richard Avedon

Capucci's black chiffon butterfly in three short tiers

Brocade Opulence
Flowering black brocade with long stole by Trigere
Saul Leiter

Balmain's Cumulus Cloud Dress
Richard Avedon

The All-Violet Look for Night in Italian Silk Faille by Helga
Saul Leiter

A Closer Look at Helga's Violet Silk Faille
Lillian Bassman

A Flash of Smash - theatre costume in Cerise silk by Estevez
Lillian Bassman

Smoky Chiffon
Bias-cut by Rudolf
Lillian Bassman

Dior's Madrilena Dress of floating pale gray faille
Alexandre of Paris Coiffure
Richard Avedon

Collarless satin twill coat and figurehead dress of scalloped black lace trailed over silk gros de londres by Irene.
Louis Faurer

Black and Pink full-length portrait of a modern maja by Leslie Morris

Carmen Dell'Orifice in Mantilla dress and aficionado cape of midnight lace
Hiro Wakabayashi

Strong, Supple Laces
Carlin Comforts
Richard Avedon

Lithe Strapless Foundation
Richard Avedon

Harper's Bazaay October 1960
This Issue Is Devoted to YOU Being Beautiful

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Anonymous said...

That drawing is great, really inspiring me to draw, and that one white dress pic, her posing is so gracious.