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Marisa Berenson

How The Time Flies ... jade faced Piaget pocket watch set in a double disc of gold, worn '70's style swinging on its gold-and-coral chain among layers of beads and scarves over a shiny brown snakeskin vest. Feathered suede hat by Andrea Aranow for Dakota Transit.


70's casual

Japanese-influenced print of leaves in swirling current of navy-and-white jersey by Hanae Mori, caught up with a twist of white twine belt by Yves Saint Laurent. Purple suede watch cap by Mr. John.

A bash of cotton pattern-on-pattern peasant prints by Pat Ashley for Craig. Margaret Brown choker. Stuart Albucker belts. Hunting World Hat.

More Dash Than Cash

The Look For Less ... Twiggy in Prints up to Here, Down to There.
Flowers for days in a long, full-skirted dress of double print cotton. Pat Ashley for Craig. Mr. John sombrero. Odyssey and Elegant belts. Mary Smith bracelet. Capezio boots.

Mini Crepe Tunic Dress

Bare arms through slashed sleeves, spotted, over mini pants to match. Bill Tice for Royal Robes. Upper arm beaded bracelet by Mary Smith. Velvet belt by Sarah Smithers.

Seventies Slash-Dash

A pink slither of a toga by Ruth Manchester, rippled at the hem and down the open sleeves, cinched by a silver belt by Margaret Brown.

The Ease of Innocence

Cross-stitched pattern on top, crunchy, nubble stitch skirted cotton and linen baby-sweater dress by Juliano Knits worn over thigh-high socks by Bewitching.

String-coloured mini knit with a scattering of flowers and full sleeves by Daniel Hechter for Fox Run.

Purple, white, and green jumper-look with white ribbed sleeves by Pinky and Diane for Hang Ups. Joel Ronez belt.

Soft peach shirtdress falling to mid-calf by Carol Horn. Chain belt by Estancia. Schiaparelli tights, Amalfi shoes.

Reptile-printed and midi-lengthed dress by Ruth Becker, sashed at the waist with a soft suede belt by Elegant.

At left: Sweetness in print - red,yellow, and white cotton knit flounced to near-ankle by Mazza and van Helsdingen. Bruce Rudow bracelets.

Gypsy dancing Mario Forte green and white check dress with a three-cornered shawl wrapped around the waist. Christian Dior tights, Bruce Rudow choker.

Another Snake Take

Sliver of slithery silk worn by Anne Turkel, slashed to the top of the legs. A long matching fringed chiffon scarf ties around the head and snakes along the body to the hemline. Geoffrey Beene.


Marisa Berenson - "clap your hands say yeah" ... swinging mini in black and white printed jersey wrapped from a v-neck and sashed. By Branell.

Move Me

Sprinted streaks of whitening on a black midi shirtdress with a deep collar, long full sleeves and a high waist by Donald Brooks. Roger Vivier white canvas ankle boots, Halston felt hat.

Lounging at Valentino's

Vivianne and Christiana in silk print Valentino Turquerie coats worn with swashes of turbans and lashes of jewels by Coppola and Toppo.

Valentino in the indoor tent room of his Roman Roof-Top


Allegra Kent photographed by her husband Bert Stern

Sprints - Colour on Colour Print on Print
Sprints - Streaks, Sprays, Black on White
Allegra Kent...
Great Little Looks at Great Little Prices...
All worn by Twiggy
How The Time Flies
Bert Stern
Gianni Penati
Irving Penn
Justin de Villeneuve
Vogue April 1970

Eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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