Thursday, October 9, 2014


Who designed this?


Ungaro: a butterfly in mink and organdie. Tunic and pants of open-work white organdie with St. Gall embroidery and intervals of ribbon beading under a vest shaped in rounds-of-white mink beaded with red ribbon.

Above: Cardin's black wool crepe harnessed by a Mannoni metal sculpture - a headlight, sculptured in polished steel flashed by a diamond bulb.

Below: Cardin white wool crepe hangs from polished metal straps on a scultured band by Mannoni

Bottom: Ungaro's white stretch overalls with fuzzy-edged plaid running up and down the legs and edging the matching sculpted coat.




Funnel-leg jumpsuit of skin-beige nylon pelted with thousands of snowflowers with diamante dew. A white cire sash is tied beneath the bosom.

Sideline: brown ruffled pyjamas. transparent nylon legs  flowing from a snug torso under a bias jacket that opens on a slant.

More Givenchy Genius

Big-cat black spots over tawny transparent organza bared-midriff, funnel-legged pyjamas.

Saint Laurent

Black linen over bareness. Brief tight top over a stretch of midriff, cape and skirt wrapped high at the thigh with a gypsy sash of cerise silk. Flamenco earrings and combs - all Saint Laurent.

Twiggy wears Saint Laurent's white tunic crusted in paillettes and wooden beads, sashed in white satin worn over brown sequinned shorts.

Lady-like transparency in chiffon, a part of  Saint Laurent's new short 'Smoking'- the pants just above the knee.

Saint Laurent's tunic pyjamas thickly clustered with little bunches of pink-and-blue flowers embroidered on lace and edged in pink linen.


Castillo's bias toga of brilliant yellow crepe falling in points and folding over a classic narrow dress slit high on the left side. Earrings by Lena Baretti.


Tobacco linen skirt falls in a fan of pleats over one leg, wraps over one shoulder with a slit for the arm. Tiny shorts beneath.

More Madame Gres Magic - the kite dress, pointed front and back, flowing from the open triangle neckline to the asymmetric hem - deeply slashed at both sides.

Gres' navy bias cape taped in white over a navy jersey maillot skimming the body as fluidly as lotion.

Twiggy in Romany-red organdie Dior
Dior jewelry and shoes

More Dior

Organdie Byzantine robe flows to wide cuffs and wide hem from a mosaic mantle jewelled by ruby, amber, and emerald stripes.





Two Girls In Paris
The Twig and The Tree
Vogue March 1968
Photography: Richard Avedon

... eyes on the sixties at devodotcom

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