Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"Jane Birkin's Got What It Takes - London Snap, Paris Dash"

"Jane Birkin, greeny-blue eyes clear as the sparkle on a perfect day, shiny brown hair polished as chestnuts. She's got half a dozen films just behind her and plenty of fashion time to enjoy all this London snap and Paris dash."

Above, the newest pet in London - a python weskit by Jane Muir.

At Left, the python weskit over a snaky long brown silk jersey dress falling in bias folds. Jewels by Zolotas.

At right, Ossie Clark's great beige,black, and red checquered kerchiefs floating over a veil-of-chiffon tunic and red-flowered black crepe pants. The print is Celia Birtwell.

Jane in a flap-yolked jersey tunic-shirt green as the Chantilly woods. The pants, jacquarding down each leg taking turns at mossy green, violet, and pale grey. Turnout by Mic Mac.

Tier upon tier of russet suede whirling up and about a laced tunic over knee-long pants by Ossie Clark. Boots by Francois Villon.

Jane Birkin flapped, tabbed, and belted by Mic Mac in grey suede trench coat over pale-grey jersey pants - ambling down an alee in the hedge-lined Parc de Saint Cloud.

At right - the fringe detail.

Jane Brikin's Got What it Takes
Vogue November 1969
Photography: Patrick Lichfield

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